The 23 Best Beard Styles for Men in 2024

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Feb 18, 2024

There are so many different facial hair styles out there and it can feel like you’re a kid in a candy shop, trying to figure out which one you should try first. You’ve got short beard styles, full & long beard styles, stubble beards, overly stylized looks, and beards that look wild and untamed. Finding the right beard style can feel a bit overwhelming.

But fear not, brave warrior. We’ve researched all the beard trends, we’ve crunched the numbers, and we’ve put together a list of the most popular and stylish beard styles out there.

Read on to find the style that can inspire your next amazing beard look.

Short Beard Styles

We open our list with this category in honour of the beard lovers who like to keep things short and sweet. A well-groomed short beard style can be just as striking as a long, bushy beard, and the following examples are iconic styles that have remained popular throughout the last couple of decades.

Remember that your short beard will require the same care and attention as a longer beard style. Keep your short whiskers clean and hydrated with dedicated products like beard wash and beard oil.


The Goatee Beard

This classic chin beard will always have a place in our hearts. We love the stylistic versatility of the goatee beard and the fact that it can essentially be adapted to fit any type of features. Whether you’re going for the classic chin goatee or you’re pairing it with a cool moustache, you’re guaranteed a look that gives off a dignified, mature vibe.

VanDyke 5

The Anchor Beard

This short beard style is a love story between a chin beard and a moustache. Your hair should be trimmed to resemble an anchor, which lets your beard follow the shape of the jaw to create a stunning and captivating look. The anchor beard hasn’t escaped the attention of celebrities, and you’ve doubtlessly seen this style on display at countless red carpet events.


The Stubble Beard

The stubble beard is one of the most popular beard styles out there, and for good reason. It’s easy to grow, easy to maintain, and it gives you a look that’s manly, rugged, and sexy. Just remember that even this simple, short beard needs some grooming and trimming. Without the proper care, people will think you simply forgot to shave.


The Zappa Beard

If you’re feeling eccentric and a bit nostalgic, then the Zappa beard is something you can try out. We picked this look because it’s one of the classics and it’s very distinctive. Named after the famous American musician, Frank Vincent Zappa, this style requires growing a fairly thick moustache and a wide soul patch.

VanDyke 8

The Balbo Beard

We love everything about this iconic beard style. It’s got elements like a moustache, a soul patch and a chin beard, that in combination make up a charming and elegant beard. The Balbo beard is not big and flashy, but it can still turn heads and inspire admiration. One thing that you might find impressive is how this beard highlights the manliest features of the face by following the jawline. We were impressed and we think you will be too.


The Soul Patch

This beard is the perfect example of how you can get maximum results from a minimal investment. We love it because it’s a classic, it involves minimal effort and it’s the perfect opportunity for any beginner beard enthusiast to start exploring. The soul patch beard deserves a spot in our count-off, and it pairs perfectly with a faded beard.

VanDyke 4

The Van Dyke Beard

If you’re looking for a facial hair style that’s classy, distinguished and timeless, then this is where you should start. Named after a famous 17th-century painter, this beard is a truly masterful expression of elegance. Although it looks a bit old-timey, it certainly doesn’t seem out of place in a modern urban setting.

## Partial Beard Styles

This is a specialized category of beard styles, most of which are a great choice for those of us with patchy beard growth. But fair warning, they will require a bit more attention with regular trimming and upkeep. For a home maintenance routine, you can use professional products like beard scissors and a shaving kit.

Partial beards are also great at highlighting or masking certain features. It’s basically the barbershop equivalent of plastic surgery. Partial beard styles include beard styles without moustache.


The Chinstrap Beard

When most people picture a manly face, the first thing that they’ll imagine is a strong, sharp jawline. While it’s true that your facial features are genetically predetermined, you can trick the eye and make your jawline appear more defined with a simple beard trim. A chin strap beard can help you create those coveted angular lines everybody seems to be raving about.

StubbleShadow (1)

The Five O'Clock Shadow Beard

Talk about an instant transformation. This beard style can transform a fresh-faced close shave into a rugged, manly look. It’s even more striking if you have a naturally round face and features that can be described as boyish. The five o’clock shadow is perfect if you’re looking for a beard that’s extremely low maintenance, and it can also work as a corporate beard style.


The Mutton Chops Beard

Instantly recognizable and one of the more extravagant beard styles out there, the mutton chops are an old-school look that we love and respect. This beard style is surprisingly varied and it makes for an excellent way of style self-expression. The mutton chops beard has been around since the 19th century, and it looks like it’s here to stay. If you’re feeling daring, this is one of the styles you can try.


The Chin Curtain Beard

The chin curtain beard is a style that requires growing a beard that frames the face by extending from your sideburns, under your jawline and chin. This beard style is unique, instantly recognizable, and it’s a great statement look. There are some style variations you can pick through, and the best part is that you get to enjoy having a beard and a clean-shaven face at the same time.


The Circle Beard

This beard is a distant cousin of the beloved goatee. The circle beard is a crowd-favourite and it can be worn with or without a soul patch. As the name suggests, it’s a style that requires growing your beard to completely frame the mouth. This will create an effortlessly polished look, and it’s also a great choice if your facial hair is somewhat on the patchy side.


The Beardstache

If you want an awesome moustache but you dislike the idea of a daily shave, then the beard stache is the hybrid facial hairstyle you’ve been looking for. You can grow the moustache of your dreams and let it thrive among a healthy growth of stubble. We love this look because it’s bold, unapologetic, and it’s an amazingly efficient way to highlight a cool moustache like the Chevron or Walrus.


The Beard Without A Moustache

You might be skeptical about this one, but take a moment to think about how inconvenient a moustache can be. Your whiskers can be inconvenient because hair tends to get into your mouth, tickle your lips, and the stuff you eat and drink tends to get stuck in there too. The long beard without a moustache is an answer to all beard lovers that have had enough of struggling with pesky upper lip hair.

Long Beard Styles

These are the beards that most beard enthusiasts dream of. They are popular, they are awe-inspiring and they are a staple of masculinity and virility. A long beard will require more care and attention, and it will take more time to grow out, but every effort is worth it in the end.

Keep your beard hydrated and healthy and always finish your look with a good quality styling product like a beard balm or beard wax. We’ve chosen some of the most beautiful beard styles of the moment so they can serve as a source of inspiration.

Bilde 02.10.2021, 12 58 09

The Viking Beard

This long beard style is representative of the modern-day Viking. It comes in numerous shapes and sizes and it’s easy to adapt to your style. The Viking beard is always well-groomed, even if the choice of style is more natural and wild. This long beard can also be accompanied by an epic moustache, and it works great with all hairstyles from long hair to a bald head. The Viking beard style is The Beard Struggle favorite this year!


The Braided Beard

You can use your creativity to achieve the most unique look with the braided beard style. This is probably the most adaptable facial hairstyle out there and you can alter your look to fit the occasion, your clothing style or your mood. You can have a spectacular single braid, or you can have multiple braids for a more complex look. You can also add beard beads to give your look a bit of extra flair.


The Verdi Beard

We couldn’t skip past this classic beard style. Inspired and named after the famous 19th-century Italian classical music composer, this beard style has defied the passing of time and is still very much present in the top style choices of beard lovers all over the world. The Verdi is a spectacular beard that’s dashing, classy, and will complement any look and style.

Long Giribaldi

The Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi is an old-school beard that looks and feels very modern. It’s named after a 19th-century Italian general and it’s a long beard with a rounded shape, paired with a beautiful moustache. This beard style creates a very striking image of grace and sophistication and it deserves a spot on our list.


The Forkbeard

Also called the French fork beard, this iconic look requires growing a full beard and creating a split in the middle. The two segments of hair can be held in place with a generous amount of styling product, or you can add some flavour by turning them into braids or fixing them with beard beads.


The Ducktail Beard

We love this beard style because it’s fresh and exciting. It’s also manly and it creates pleasing lines that can emphasize your facial features. The V-shape that resembles a duck’s tail is a great way to maximize the length of your beard because all the attention is on the hair that grows on your chin. The rest of your face can be trimmed short and neat, which makes for a more easy and relaxed grooming routine.


The Lumberjack Beard

When you hear the word ‘lumberjack’, you probably imagine lots of plaids, a big axe, strong forearms, and a kick-ass burly beard. The lumberjack beard is one of those facial hair looks that’s grown in popularity over the last decade as it developed into its own unique style. You’ve probably seen this beard a thousand times and it’s easy to appreciate why it’s so beloved and a go-to for many beard lovers.


The Hipster Beard

Hate it or love it, the hipster counterculture movement has left its creative mark on facial hair styles. It has also helped revive some of the more fancy moustache and beards styles in history. In fact, the hipster beard is a term that includes a large variety of facial hair styles. The uniting characteristic is that they all have a timeless look that’s intended to ironically combine modern fashion with old-school facial hair. And the results are truly stunning.


The Classic Full Beard

There is nothing more majestic than a thick, long beard, and if you can grow a full beard, you’re one of the lucky ones. You can trim your full beard to your preferred length and define your cheekbone lines in a way that highlights your features. This classic beard is also a great fit for any style of moustache, and works on all face shapes.

## Beard Styles For Your Face Shape

Most beard styles will look good on any face shape, but some beard styles will work wonders for certain types of features. You can use your beard to create illusions that alter your face length, width and shape. Keep in mind that, in order to create these illusions, you should become best friends with your beard trimmer, comb, and beard oil.

Oval Face Beard Style

oval beard face You have an oval face if your features tend to be rounded, which is easier to observe in the chin and jawline areas. Another defining factor is the length of the face. An oval shape means that the face is more long than wide. This is the most versatile face shape and it’s a great fit for almost any style of beard.

The best beards for this face shape will help create a bit more width and will add some strength and definition to the jawline. You can try some amazing styles like the stubble beard and the classic full beard.

Oblong/Rectangle Face Beard Style

rectangular face beard An oblong or rectangular face will be more long than wide. You have a rectangle face if the width of your face is similar throughout its whole length. This means that your face’s width measured at your temples, cheekbones and jaw is similar.

Your oblong face shape will be best served by a beard style that emphasizes your strong jawline but doesn’t create more length. Some excellent choices are the chinstrap beard style or anchor beard.

Square Face Beard Style

square face Having a square face is considered synonymous with having manly features. Your face is square-shaped if it’s approximately equal in width and length and if you have sharp features like the coveted sharp-angled jawline.

A beard will be perfectly matched for a square face if it accentuates all the features that make it masculine. It should complement the jawline and create a bit of length to the face. Some great looks that you can try are the classic full beard and the Balbo.

Round Face Beard Style

Round faces are defined by an equal length in both width and height. Your face is round if your chin and jawline tend to be rounded up and softer, rather than pointy or angular.

There are many beard styles that mesh well with round features. These facial hairstyles will tend to create more length to the face, bring attention to the chin area, or accentuate the jawline. Some great choices are the goatee beard styles and chinstrap beard styles.

Diamond Face Beard Style

diamond face Your face is diamond-shaped if the widest part of your face is your cheekbone area. Another defining feature is represented by the chin area, which tends to be pointy. A diamond-shaped face will also tend to be longer, and more narrow.

Facial hair styles that accentuate the jawline or add width to the lower part of your face will be a great choice. You can try some awesome styles like the Garibaldi and the Verdi beards.

Triangular Face Beard Style

ducktail Think about an inverted triangle and imagine it overlapping with your face. A triangular face will be wider in the upper part of the face and at its narrowest in the chin area. The chin also tends to be a bit pointy.

The beards that are best suited for this particular face shape will add more width to the bottom of the face or will accentuate the jawline and follow the natural lines and features. A great match for the triangular face is the ducktail beard style.


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