15 Best Long Beard Styles: Guide With Examples

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Published at: Mar 30, 2023

If `bigger is better` are words you live by, then a long beard style might just be your dream look. Growing a full long beard can be an epic adventure and having the patience to achieve some length in your beard hair is a challenge in itself. But boy oh boy is it worth the wait and effort for all time favourite looks such as the ducktail beard style.

While beard hair length is ultimately controlled by your genetic code, you’ll be happy to know that learning how to shape and style your long, luscious whiskers can make you look well-groomed and feel more confident. Read on to find out how to find the right long beard style for your facial features and discover how to care for long beard styles.

How to Pick the Perfect Long Beard Style

Even if you chose the most epically awesome beard style out there, it might offset your features if it’s not a good match for your face shape and may end up looking a bit wrong. You should always choose a beard style that complements your natural assets.


Your face is oval-shaped if you have a rounded jawline, and your face is longer than it is wide. You’re kind of lucky because oval face shapes are extremely beard-friendly, and they’re a great match for just about any type of beard style.


Your face is rectangular if your jawline, cheekbones and forehead have similar lengths, and your face is more long than wide. You should pick a beard style that creates a sharper line by emphasizing your jawline or adds a point of interest by highlighting an amazing moustache.

Some great long beard styles for rectangular faces include The Boss and Verdi.


You have a triangular face if your jawline is the widest part of your face and your forehead the most narrow. You should choose a long beard that creates more rounded, softer lines. This will add some balance to your features.

Triangular faces can be enhanced with a beard style like The Garibaldi, Hipster, and The Boss.


If you have a round face, then your cheekbone and face length are of similar sizes, and your jawline is rounded and softer. We tend to associate round faces with the so-called `cuteness factor`, so you should choose a beard style that creates defined edges and adds some length to your jawline.

Long beards that can complement a round face include the Razor-sharp, Bandholtz, and Polished Look styles.


You have a square-shaped face if all your facial dimensions, including your face length, have roughly the same size. Another defining feature will also be the sharp jawline and overall masculine features. When picking a beard style, you should opt for one that emphasizes your angular features with sharp lines and defined edges.

Some wonderful long beards to go with your square feature include the Cler Outline, Lumberjack, and Razor-sharp.


Your face is diamond-shaped if the widest part of your face is the cheekbone area. Other defining features are a slightly pointier chin and a face that’s longer than it is narrow. You should pick a beard style that adds some definition to your jawline while downplaying your pointed chin.

Diamond-shaped faces are a good match for long beard styles like The Garibaldi, Classic Full Beard, and Clear Outline.

How to Grow a Long Beard

If you have your heart set on growing a long beard, then you need to arm yourself with lots of patience and fully embrace the commitment to your beard care routine. There are a lot of ways in which you can help grow and maintain a healthy beard and some of them involve keeping your mind and body happy.

patchbeard-meal (1)

Well-Balanced Diet

Eating the right food should be on the first line of your checklist. If you’re not providing your body with the right nutrients, then your hair follicles won’t have the building blocks to create and grow hair fibers.

We’re not saying that you should go on a strict diet, but you should definitely eat food that promotes healthy hair growth. You can include things like proteins and good fats from eggs, meat, fortified cereals, and vegetables. Some of the things you should probably avoid are sugar and highly processed foods.

Exercising Regularly

Working out on the regular is one of those activities that have a positive impact on your whole body. Exercising can give you feel-good vibes by improving your brain chemistry, it can improve your general health, and it can promote testosterone levels and help blood circulation. All of these benefits can help improve hair growth.

Getting Some Sleep

Being well-rested is a general health booster, but it may also help your body grow hair. Getting enough sleep can help manage your stress levels, and encourage your body to regenerate and build tissue, including beard hair.

There is some debate between sleep specialists, but the general consensus is that you would benefit from 7 to 9 hours of good quality rest.

Not Trimming the Beard for a While

Step away from the trimmer! While it might be tempting to make adjustments during the growing process, the best solution is to grow your beard without trimming for a minimum of 4 weeks. This will allow your facial hair to fill in and grow out. You’ll be able to shape it in your desired style in one go and let it grow from there while doing general maintenance.

Applying Beard Oil

Beard oil should become your best friend. You should apply beard oil from the earliest stages of facial hair growth. This will keep your hair and skin hydrated and protected from the elements. Using beard oil can also help prevent itchiness in the first stages of beard growth, and will help prevent unpleasant things like beard dandruff or beard curling.


Combing and Brushing on a Regular Basis

Don’t forget to give your facial hair the love and attention it needs. Detangling and brushing your beard can help stimulate local blood flow in the skin and help to evenly distribute products like beard oil. This beard care habit will also help train your facial hair to grow in a certain direction while helping prevent those pesky curls.

Training the Moustache

A majestic moustache is a must-have for long beard styles, and you’ll have to refrain from trimming in the early stages of beard growth. One way to manage your moustache situation is by training your hair to grow in a specific direction.

Figuring Out How to Eat and Drink With a Beard

If you’re totally new to longer facial hair, then you’re in for a major surprise. You’ll have to relearn how to eat and drink without spilling stuff on your beard and moustache. Getting food and drink stuck in your hair is not only messy, but it can affect the overall look and health of your hair fibers.

How to Shape a Long Beard

Shaping and trimming your long beard will be less demanding than a short beard style. You will need some tools like a beard comb, beard scissors, and a beard trimmer. You should always start shaping and trimming when your beard is clean and completely dry. Wet hair may appear longer and you won’t be able to determine the right length of your beard.

Make sure that you’ve combed your facial hair in its natural growth direction. This will also help you spot any uneven hairs you might need to get rid of from the get-go.

You can start trimming your beard from the sides, then slowly work your way towards the middle. You can use a trimmer to even out your sideburn area, but you should probably use scissors for detail work and creating the general shape. Leave the chin area for the grand finale, and depending on your chosen beard style, you can also trim or shave your cheekbones and neck areas.

Once you’re done, make sure to double-check for symmetry. There’s nothing sadder than a lopsided beard. If you’re not satisfied with the finish, then comb it again and trim any unruly hairs that you’ve missed on your first go.

To finish off, apply your favourite beard oil and complete your look with a styling product like beard wax. These will help protect your facial hair and keep your beard looking polished and neat.

15 Best Long Styles For Men 

The numbers are in and we’ve compiled a list of the best long beard styles out there. These will be a great choice for beard lovers, and will definitely turn heads and inspire admiration.


1. The Bandholz Beard

This is a perfect beard style if you want a long beard but you don’t exactly enjoy having a long, bushy moustache. The Bandholz is a good fit for rounder features and it requires trimming the moustache so it doesn’t pass over your lip line.

Your moustache should also be seamlessly blended with your beard. The result will be a spectacular, polished look that allows you to grow your beard to any desired length.


2. Bold Shaped Beard

This is a style that diverts your eye towards the length of the beard. It requires keeping your moustache short and trimmed and letting your beard grow naturally, starting from your sideburns.

The actual length of your hair should be trimmed to perfection. The Bold Shaped style will emphasize some facial features, adding some width to your face while still keeping the overall look polished and sleek.


3. The Harden

Named after famous basketball player James Harden, this iconic style is a great fit if you’re not really into grooming and trimming. Your beard can be wild and bushy, just make sure to keep it clean, hydrated and properly combed.

The characteristic rounded edges can soften your features and elongate your face. If you want to achieve the original Harden look, you’ll need about 5 inches of hair growth, but feel free to change the length according to your personal preference.

Long Giribaldi

4. The Garibaldi

If you’re looking for a shorter long beard style, then this is definitely one you should consider. The Garibaldi is a classic look that creates a contrast between a well-groomed moustache and a clearly defined cheek area, with a bushy natural beard.

You’ll need to trim the edges to create a neatly rounded finish. You should also let the sides of your beard grow out to create some width in the jawline area.

hipster with a beard

5. The Hipster

This old-timey beard style is named after the subculture that brought it back in style. It’s a really fancy beard that you can confidently rock with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You’ll need a long bushy beard that’s trimmed and well-groomed.

But the star of this look is definitely the moustache. It needs to stand out and you can add some flair by twisting up the ends.


6. The Razor-Sharp

This is a beard style that will appeal to your inner perfectionist. The Razor-Sharp stands out as one of the cleanest long beard styles out there. Sure, it takes some effort to master and you’ll be spending a bit more time on trimming, but the end result is well worth it.

You’ll need to trim your facial hair to a uniform length and keep the outline of your beard clean, with well-defined lines. You can also spice things up with a curled handlebar moustache.


7. The Verdi

Named after the famous Italian composer, this iconic beard style creates a point of interest in the middle of your face, by emphasizing the moustache. The Verdi creates an overall elegant, gentlemanly look. To achieve this look, you’ll need a curled up English moustache, or a really bushy moustache that’s styled towards the sides of your face.

You can grow your beard to your preferred length, but you’ll need to keep the edges short and the chin area rounded. The beast part is that you can rock this look even if your beard is somewhat on the patchy side.


8. The Clear Outline

This is a low-maintenance beard style that’s wide and long, while still appearing polished and professional. It will require a minimal amount of trimming, so all you have to do is keep those edges clean.

As the name suggests, this beard should always have a clear outline, with neatly trimmed edges. You can grow this style of beard in any length you like, and you can pair it with a cool moustache like the classic handlebar.


9. The Boss

This bold style is one of the most popular looks out there. You can keep it long and pair it with a bushy moustache. The overall appearance is of a straight and long beard, with perfectly trimmed edges.

You’ll need to trim the sides of your face, and keep the width of your beard even throughout its whole length. It will require some grooming and you’ll have to avoid any curling and unruly stray hairs.


10. The Polished Look

This beard style is all about blending the wild, bushy beard with sharp, sophisticated lines. You can maintain a long, full beard and create clean lines to define your cheek and neckline areas. You can trim your chin hair to be rounded or straight, and you’ll have to keep your edges trimmed short.

This look is all about the glorious beard, so you don’t want the attention to be directed towards your moustache. Keep the hair above your lip trimmed neat and short to create a sense of balance.


11. The Lumberjack

If you’re looking for a style that screams strong and burly, then the Lumberjack is a go-to look. Although usually associated with hipster culture, this long beard style is a great way to achieve a totally manly look that pairs well with most types of faces.

You will need to keep your edges clean by trimming your sideburn, cheeks, neckline, and moustache areas. You can keep your beard straight on the sides, and trim your chin hair in a rounded or pointed style. The Lumberjack may be burly and manly, but you’ll still need to invest some time in grooming and trimming.


12. The Classic Full Beard

This OG beard style can be a great fit if you can actually grow a full beard. This means that your facial hair should have full coverage. You can define your cheek area and let the rest of your hair grow naturally.

A full beard is considered long when it’s over 3 to 4 inches in length. Anything shorter and it’s generally included in the boxed beard style category.

The downside full beard styles is that it requires some serious beard growth. This means that if your beard is naturally patchy, then maybe you should be looking towards a more versatile look.


13. The Warrior

If you’re looking for an iconic look that reflects your inner warrior, then this beard style was created for you. You’ll need a long and thick beard though, so commitment and patience are key if you're going for any of the braided beard styles. You can braid your beard hair and even add some beard beads if you’re feeling especially bold.

This look is fierce, and it allows you some creative license when it comes to styling and grooming. Just remember that braiding your hair and tying it up can accelerate hair fibre damage, so your beard will need some extra love with moisturizers and care products.


14. The Wave

This Wave is more about styling than the actual shaping and trimming. You can achieve this look with most types of beards, but the general rule is that longer is better. One advantage is that you can do most of the styling overnight.

You should braid your beard and leave it to set while you sleep. That way, all you have to do in the morning is unbraid your braids, fluff out your beard, and set it with your preferred styling products.

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15. Wild And Carefree

Last but not least, you can also opt for a beard style that feels all-natural. As the name suggests, this look doesn’t require any major trimming or shaping. You can let your facial hair grow free and wild and enjoy a low-stress beard care routine.

Although you won’t need to expend energy on styling, you shouldn’t skip important steps like keeping your beard clean and applying beard oil.

Enjoy a New Look With a Long Beard 

If you’re willing to invest some energy and patience, you can achieve any of these amazing long beard looks. We’ve shared some important tips on how to choose and style the most remarkable beards, and what a journey it has been. Whichever one you choose, remember that no look is complete without a proper beard care routine.

Make sure to keep your beard clean by using a shampoo that’s specifically designed for facial hair, and use hydrating products like beard oil and beard balm. You should also finish your look with a styling product like beard wax to keep even the most unruly of hairs in their place.

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