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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Viking Model V stack up against the Viking Savage Beard Brush?

Model V is a friend who helps during detangling, styling, and uniform distribution of grooming products. Durable and pocket-friendly, it is that ace up your sleeve in the pursuit of neatness on the go. The Viking Savage Beard Brush, on the other hand, uses a combination of premium nylon bristles to keep your ethically groomed beard neat and to guide growth. Exfoliating with it also has the ability to remove loose hairs.

When should I use the Model V Beard Comb?

When your beard's looking more wild than styled, or you need to slick some product through it, this handy little travel-size comb will easily fit into your jeans or briefcase. With its compact swagger, your beard can stay in check whether you are on a mountain or in a meeting.

When is it best to use the Viking Savage Beard Brush?

Every day, my friend. With nylon bristles, it will be the Viking Savage Beard Brush that's your everyday workhorse to keep you out of trouble and have your grooming routine clean, and have your beard looking on point while keeping your skin happy.

Can I team up the Kyvler Comb and Viking Roller Beard Brush in my grooming act??

Heck Yeah! You can combine the precise movements of the Kyvler Comb and throw the straightening magic from the Viking Roller Beard Brush and literally have that ultimate showy beard. It's like your own personal team of style consultants for your beard.

How do I choose the right beard comb for my beard?

The Model V Beard Comb is the perfect companion that can help you rein in a wild beard. It personifies precision—from quality down to the smallest details. Ethical grooming tools for any beard include the Viking Savage and the Roller Beard Brushes, made of the best quality nylon bristle. The most useful to the pair of them is the Roller Beard Brush, which has perfect hair grip to allow for easy straightening. Viking Savage Brush stimulates the hair follicles to a level where even with a shorter beard, it will have an easy time boosting health and growth.

Why do we choose nylon bristles for our Viking Savage and Viking Roller Beard Brushes?

By choosing nylon bristles for our Viking Savage and Viking Roller Beard Brushes, we ensure a cruelty-free grooming experience without compromising on quality or performance. These nylon bristles offer a more consistent and durable option, suitable for all beard types and lengths, reflecting our commitment to ethical grooming practices and top-notch care for your beard.

Why Our Wooden Beard Combs are a Cut Above the Rest


  • Unmatched Quality: We only use ecologically sourced woods that ensure durability and beauty
  • Designed for Your Use: Ergonomically designed to be super comfortable and, most of all, useful in any way that even a person with thick or textured hair might need it.
  • Antistatic Perfection: Our wooden combs ensure that, while being combed, your hair is not affected by any antistatic effects that are caused by synthetic combs.
  • Best oil dispersion: This spread your skin's natural oils and applied products to nurture a healthy, plush beard.
  • Eco-Conscious Elegance: Our commitment to the planet is as resilient as the one to your beard, bringing you an uncompromising style option in sustainability.

Whether you're coming in hot from a long, hard day at work or steering the corporate boardroom, or prepping for a romantic high-stakes dinner, our wooden beard combs are designed to elevate your grooming ritual.

Not just a tool: this is your partner in making your beard speak volumes, with commitment to excellence, at whatever setting.

Designed with the busy modern man in mind, from juggling to the strength of the workroom, subtlety of the strategies room, and intimate settings of his romantic boudoir, our combs are constructed for your presence.

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