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Save Money With A Beard Kit

Beard kits and bundles are a great way to get started with beard care.

It's essential you have the right tools for your beard, so picking up a kit or bundle like The Ultimate Kit is a good idea if this is something new to you. A typical one will include oils, balms, waxes, washes, combs or brushes - whatever it takes to make facial hair look its best and smell amazing!

Beard Oil

These help condition skin underneath the beard while providing moisturizing properties. They can also be used on longer beards as an effective styling agent.

Beard Butter

Used after washing & beard oil, but before final conditioning of the beard, these soften coarse hairs, make them easier to control during grooming and add a subtle shine.

Beard Balm

Balms should be used after butter to lock in moisture, providing protection against the elements while also providing a stronger hold to help you style your facial hair.

Beard Wax

Can be used to shape and sculpt the beard while providing additional styling benefits if needed. These are often made from beeswax.

Beard Brush

Used with either oils or balms, these help to distribute product evenly through your facial hair.

Beard Wash/Conditioner Combo Pack

This is an excellent way to get started in beard care because it includes both of what I consider essential products when caring your facial hair, plus they're usually a pretty good value.

Beard Comb

It's important to use a quality beard comb because the teeth should be close enough together that you can get through your hair without snagging on each individual strand - plus, they will help you distribute the product evenly for shaping and styling purposes.

Beard Straightener

It's crucial to invest in a top-notch beard straightener as it ensures your facial hair is smoothly and evenly straightened without causing harm or discomfort. The precision control and heat distribution of a superior straightener means you can style your beard with ease, avoiding any unsightly frizz or waves.

Take Your Beard Care To The Next Level
Beard kits are a great place to start if you're just getting into taking care of your facial hair. Try our beard kits risk-free with our 90 day money-back Viking Oath of Honour!