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About Us

It's Been Quite A Voyage...

Much has changed since our humble beginnings in 2014, but our mission has remained the same.

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Better is Always Better

We aim to create the best men’s grooming & beard care products in Midgard. We want to become the most innovative, customer-focused men’s grooming company you’ve ever seen.


Creating The Future

We can’t accomplish our goals without the help of a strong, global community of bearded men who share the same vision. That’s why we champion brotherhood, charity, and healthy masculine ideals.


Code Of Conduct

Much like the Vikings, we make our own destinies and we present our best selves while doing it. We want our customers to feel confident enough to do the same.

Viking Code Of Honor


You know them as fierce warriors and brutal raiders, but Vikingar were so much more than that. As accomplished traders capable of influencing languages across the oceans, they were proactive. As a whole, Vikings were gutsy innovators, always driven by goals worth chasing. They knew how to get things done and impact the world around them in the process.


Let’s put it this way: it’s hard to scare off anyone who doesn’t fear death. You couldn’t even blame the Vikings — Valhalla was believed to be a giant hall of honor, full of strong ale, delicious boar, and iron-clad brotherhood. Picture endless raids that they couldn’t lose due to superhuman strength. Who wouldn’t live their best life courageously, knowing that was waiting for them at the end?


Viking honour was based on one thing and one thing only — staying true. That meant being honest about who they were as individuals, as fathers and husbands, and as friends and brothers. For Vikings, an honorable man was always transparent, capable of leading with both honesty and confidence.


Small-Batch Quality at Scale

While demand has morphed us from a micro-production business to a company that uses two much larger facilities, our goal has remained the same. We aim to provide high-quality products that make you look and feel your best. We know the importance of quality control, and we’ll never let that change — no matter how many facilities we use. In fact, all of our cosmetic products are still 100% hand-made.


Tested on Brand Vikings, Not Animals

We’ve always focused on natural ingredients suitable for everyday use. We test on our own Brand Vikings, not animals — Vikings have a soft spot for our furry friends.


Creating a Global Movement For Good

We’re all about building a community of beardsmen. It’s a goal we hope to achieve with the help of The Midgard Vikings — a Brotherhood made up of bearded brothers who want to become the best versions of ourselves and make a global impact through charitable acts.