7 Best Circle Beard Styles for Men

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: May 21, 2023

For centuries, numerous cultures have revered the circle, naming it the perfect shape. But we can even go a step further and name the circle beard, the perfect beard style for men.

Circle beard styles are a celebrity go-to look. They’re versatile and stylish, and a great choice for those of us who have patchy hair growth. Read on to check out our list of amazing circle beard styles, as well as our tips and tricks to help you trim and style your whiskers.

##  What is a Circle Beard?

The circle beard is a now-classic beard style that combines a moustache and a goatee. The idea is that your moustache has to extend to meet your chin hair to form a continuous line of hair that completely frames your mouth.

Although it’s called a “circle” beard, the actual shape of your beard can also be designed to have some sharp edges like the chin strap beard styles. You can shape your beard in the form of a hexagon or a square. This abundance of styles can help you pick a look that enhances your facial features and fits your face shape.

## Types of Circle Beard Styles

Standard Circle Beard

This is the traditional circle beard that we all know and love. It requires growing a moustache and a chin beard, allowing the two to seamlessly merge and create a visually pleasing shape around the mouth. The rest of your face will be kept clean with a close shave.

Extended Circle Beard

This is the standard circle beard, but with an added bonus that we think makes a world of difference. This variation will require growing out a soul patch and letting it merge with your chin hair. Seems like such a small thing, but the effects are amazing.

## Circle Beard vs. Goatee

Sometimes these two beard names are interchangeable. Indeed, in recent years the goatee has become an umbrella term that also includes the circle beard.

To give you some perspective, the classic goatee is a minimalistic style and it’s basically a patch of hair that’s limited to your chin area.

Still, the goatee term will also include beard styles without moustaches that combine the chin hair with a moustache. The upper lip hair can be disconnected from your chin hair, or it can blend into it and create the circle beard look.

## 7 Best Circle Beard Styles for Men


The Light Stubble Circle Beard 

The light stubble circle beard is simple and exciting, and we love how easy it is to grow and maintain. It is a great beard style to pick if you’re at the start of your circle beard journey. The best part is that if you get bored, you can simply let your hair grow out and turn it into another beard style altogether.


The Precise Cut

You can wear this beard with or without a soul patch. The common element is that every line you create is sharp and clean. Make sure to trim your facial hair to an equal length and keep your whickers hydrated and healthy to avoid unruly hairs and curling. The precise cut looks professional and smart and it’s a good fit for any office environment.


The Thin Circle Beard 

If you have steady hands, a good eye for symmetry, and a passion for facial hair styling, then you’re going to love this beard style. The thin circle beard requires creating a pencil-thin line of hair that outlines the mouth. It takes some serious skill, but when done right, it can be admired as an art piece.


The Full Circle Beard 

Also called a thick circle beard, this beard style highlights the majestic hair growth of a full beard by giving it a shape that lovingly embraces the area around your mouth. If you are genetically blessed with a good hair follicle density, and you’re a fan of circle beards, then this can be your next go-to look.

CircleMessy (1)

The Messy Circle Beard

You might have noticed that messy beards are very popular nowadays. And we can all agree that longer facial hair can instantly make any face look messier, but in a good way if it’s maintained. This messy circle beard covering is an excellent option if you don’t feel like getting a close shave, especially if you can grow thick facial hair.


The Chinstrap Circle Beard 

This circle beard style combines three separate beard types to create an awesome visual masterpiece. It’s a bit tricky to style and maintain, but this beautiful beard is well worth the time and effort. You’ll be creating a cool blend between an extended circle beard and a chinstrap beard. This look can highlight your features and emphasize the jawline, thus making your face look more rugged and masculine.


The Fancy Moustache Circle Beard 

One thing that can make a circle beard look more impressive is adding an imposing mustache. This beard style also allows you to take liberties with the type of moustache you pick. You can go with a more conservative style like the imperial, or go all out with a majestic Dali moustache. Your face is your literal canvas and you get to pick and choose the perfect whiskers to match your personal style.

How to Trim and Style a Circle Beard?

In all honesty, the more intricate your beard is, the more time and effort you’ll have to invest in trimming and styling. You will have to find a good balance between the time you’re willing to spend on your beard care and the type of beard style you choose. Different circle beard styles require different maintenance, but, as a rule of thumb,  natural circle beards don’t eat up too much of your time.

Styling a Circle Beard

Once your hair grows out, you will have to use a beard trimmer to even out the length of your hair fibres. The next step is to clean off the hair on your neck, cheeks, and the sides of your face. You can use a precision trimmer or a regular beard trimmer without a guard.

Next, you’ll have to create the contours of your chin beard and moustache, then slowly start trimming your hair from the sides to achieve your desired shape. Remember that your beard can form a circle, a rectangle, a square, or even a hexagon. You can reinvent a style like the thin circle beard and give it a new twist by changing its overall shape.

Maintaining a Circle Beard

If you want your beard to look amazing, you’ll have to treat it with love and respect. Having a good beard care routine is of the utmost importance and everything starts with cleanliness. The first step is keeping your whiskers clean with a shampoo-like product designed for facial hair.

You can also pair your beard wash with a conditioner or a beard mask. Cold, or hot and dry weather can be especially harsh on our beards by sapping the moisture from inside the hair fibre.

Keep your beard and the skin underneath it moisturized with a good quality beard oil. This product will help maintain your perfectly groomed circle beard look and it will help prevent hair curling and beard dandruff.

You can end your beard care routine with a styling product that keeps every hair in its rightful place. This will be especially important if you’re adding a kickass moustache or a chin goatee in the mix. You can use a beard wax or you can use a beard balm for some extra hydration benefits.

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