Best Viking Beard Styles: How To Grow & Style Your Own?

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Published at: May 21, 2023

Every beard enthusiast dreams of growing an eye-catching, epic beard. Whether you’re a modern-day Viking or you’re a fan of badass facial hair, you can adapt the Viking beard styles as a part of your statement look.

Facial hair will always be a symbol of manliness, virility, and strength. And nothing is more symbolic than a full-blown Viking beard.

With such a huge diversity of looks, anybody can find an option that’s perfect for their features. You can pick between a goatee Viking beard style, a long or short Viking beard, or the traditional Viking beard braid. You can even add some beard beads for the wow factor. All you have to do is explore and find the best option for you. Read on to find out more.

What Is The History of Viking Beard?

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Hair and beards were at the heart of Viking identity. The old Norse poems of the Codex Regius describe the Norse gods as having beards. It’s no wonder that facial hair was a requirement.

Norsemen took great pride in their facial hair. They kept it clean, well-groomed and properly styled. They had tools like beard combs and tweezers, and historical accounts show that they preferred to shave their necks to emphasize their glorious beards.

Facial hair length varied according to personal preference, but warriors with long beards often braided them to keep the hair from getting in the way during battles.

Some of the most famous Viking characters could also be recognized by their long beard style. The most famous example is Sweyn Forkbeard, king of Denmark and son of Harald Bluetooth.

How to Grow a Viking Beard?

Tip 1: Let your beard grow

You can’t grow a Viking beard overnight. It’s a waiting game, and you’ll have to dig deep and find some patience. Although it takes about six weeks to grow a Norseman-worthy beard, the wait is 100% worth it.

Healthy hair growth is influenced by things like hormones, a healthy diet, and genetics. You can help the growth process by having a good grooming routine and taking care of your general wellbeing.

Tip 2: Clean your beard

Keeping your beard clean is an important step of the process. You should use a beard shampoo every 2 to 3 days. Washing your beard too often can damage your hair by removing natural oils and drying out your hair fibers.

You can also apply products like beard oil and beard balm. This will help protect your beard and keep your facial hair moisturized and looking top-notch.

Tip 3: Brush your beard with a beard comb

Take a grooming tip from the Vikings of old and use a comb or beard brush for your daily beard care ritual. Brushing your facial hair has a lot of advantages:

  • Helps train your hair to grow in a certain direction
  • Detangles your scraggly beard
  • Helps to evenly distribute your beard care products
  • Stimulates local blood flow in your skin
  • Helps you style your hair into your desired shape
  • Helps you comb over patchy spots

Tip 4: Trim from time to time to keep it neat and tidy

One thing we can all agree on is that facial hair can look really messy when it’s mid-growth. One way to remedy this issue is to trim your facial hair. Not whole chunks, just enough to keep things neat and tidy.

You can use a trimmer or a pair of quality scissors to get rid of unruly stray hairs. This will help create a general shape for your new beard, and make it look less wild and unkempt.

Tip 5: Eat healthy foods

Eating the right stuff is really important for your health. It also influences your body’s ability to grow facial hair. Food is made out of molecules that your body uses to create new cells, hormones, enzymes, and also hair.

Keep your diet balanced, with a good amount of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. You can include healthy foods like fish, eggs, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.

15 Best Styles of Viking Beard

Short Viking Beards

Vikings weren’t all that fussy about beard length. As long as you had some scruff going on, you were on the right track.

Sometimes a shorter beard was preferable because it didn’t get in the way while swinging an ax and shield. Some of the more popular Norse characters on the silver screen are also portrayed with short beards. And they still look badass.

A shorter beard is easier to maintain, and it takes way less time to grow. It’s a good choice if you prefer your facial hair on the shorter side, or if you’re just beginning to let your beard grow.

Unruly Viking Beards

maintain-your-beard (1) test

Few things are more evocative of raw masculinity than a wild, bushy Viking beard. This unkempt, natural look can be balanced out with a shorter haircut. An unruly beard can also look effortless without being messy.

This is a look fit for the berserkers of old and on point with the warrior fighting spirit. It’s the classic Viking look and proves that a full beard can look good even if it’s not trimmed within an inch of its life.

Red Beard Viking

HipsterBeard 1

Contrary to popular belief, most Vikings weren’t blonde, they were, in fact, redheaded. Some arguments have been made that Vikings were the ones who brought the red hair gene to the rest of the world. So, while a warrior sometimes sported a gold beard, chances are most of them sported red ones.

As a result, it’s no wonder that one of the staple Viking looks is the Red Beard. A full red beard is striking and bound to turn a few heads. It’s immediately associated with Norse heritage and a Viking warrior vibe.

Double Braided Beard 


Viking warriors were known to braid their beards. The braided Viking beard was a bold style, because, yes, these men did like to stand out. It was also a way to keep their facial hair from getting in the way.

This iconic beard style has two long and wide braids and requires having a generous length of hair. It may not be a beginner-level type of styling and not too many men have enough hair to pull it off properly, but it’s a guaranteed show stopper.

Pointy Beard Style


This style of beard is quite popular in one form or another. It requires shaping your facial hair so that it comes to one or two points towards the bottom. You can achieve the pointy and fork beard styles with clever trimming and/or styling products that have a good hold.

A pointy Viking beard style helps define your features and will always look polished and well-groomed. It’s a sure booster for the manliness factor.

Rectangular Viking Beards


This look is well suited for long beards. If you have a bushy beard and you’re looking for a look that is both elegant and effortless, then this might be the one for you.

Rectangular beards can be an impressive sight. They don’t require an endless amount of time to style and groom. They elongate features and create a perfect balance between natural and stylish.

Long Viking Beards


The beard style to end all beard styles. Long Viking beards are jaw-dropping statement looks. While they do require a lot of patience to grow, the result is categorically worth the efforts.

It is a great look by itself but you can definitely add personal touches to customize your look. Add some braids, add some beard beads, or keep it raw and natural. The sky’s the limit with this one.

Single Braid Beard


This particular look is a more popular version of the Viking braids. It consists of a single braid and is more suited for longer beards.

This beard style is a great way to keep your facial hair from getting in the way and a sure way to prevent your hair from tangling. Braided beards will always be a head-turning statement look that combines practicality with the wow factor.

Handlebar Moustache Beard


If you’re going for impressive, might as well go all-in with the added flair of a handlebar moustache. With a bit of patience, trimming, and shaping, you’ll achieve this perfect moustache to match your Viking beard.

The handlebar moustache is timeless and iconic and will complement almost any beard style out there.

Beard Pony Style

If you like braided beards style but your hair isn’t long enough for braiding, then this beard style is something you can look into.

It’s basically a beard ponytail but it’s as versatile as it can get. You can tie your beard in multiple spots for different effects. It’s also the perfect opportunity to add some flair by attaching beard beads. This is definitely a fierce look with tons of personality.

Medium Viking Beards

The medium-length Viking beard is a great fit for a lot of beard lovers. It lets you showcase your majestic medium beard while keeping it just short enough for it to not become inconvenient.

Having a medium-length beard will let you be creative with styling and keep the effort of it to a minimum while still acing a neat appearance. It’s the best of both worlds.

Rounded Viking Beard Styles

A rounded Viking beard is a sure bet if you’re aiming for a polished and clean-cut look. It’s striking and professional, and wonder to behold.

It can be adapted for any beard length but it generally requires more grooming and trimming to maintain. In this case, that effort is definitely worth the hassle.

Straightened Viking Beard

Straightened beards are gaining popularity. They look cool and polished and will make your facial hair look perfectly groomed.

It requires a more strict beard care regimen, but products like beard straighteners can help you achieve this look with a fraction of the effort.

Square Viking Beards

This is a beard style that demands respect. It’s visually stunning and it’s an easy way to achieve that manly square jaw effect everybody is crazy about.

The square Viking beard is a good option because it’s also easy to maintain. Minimal effort and all the gains.

Curled Viking Beard Styles

This beard style is one for the ages. Whether you have naturally curly hair that you’re looking to emphasize, or you want to curl your beard hair with styling products, results will always be stunning and unique.

A curled Viking beard is a statement look with an original take on facial hair styling and grooming. It’s a sure way to impress and showcase your style and personality.

Style a Beard Worthy of a Viking!

Whether you like to keep your beard short, wild and row, or perfectly groomed, you’ll surely find a Viking beard style that speaks to your inner warrior. Keep in mind that you can always adapt the look. Add some curls, braids, or Viking beard beads, and make it your own.

Remember that, no matter what style you choose, the most important part of growing the perfect Viking beard is taking good care of your facial hair. Keep your beard clean, hydrated, and use products that are skin-friendly and that won’t damage your hair fibers.

The Berd Struggle can help you achieve the perfect Viking style with quality beard care and grooming products. You can also check out some top-notch grooming tools that will save you time, energy and will keep your beard looking epic.

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