10 Best Hipster Beard Styles for Men

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Published at: May 21, 2023

For most of us, the word “hipster” is associated with counter-culture, art, creativity, and indie-rock. The hipster style which is still an immensely popular beard style for men that can be described as a combination of quirky clothes that resembles a fusion of grunge, casual, and punk. But one thing that is mandatory for the male hipster look is having amazing facial hair.

Hipster beard styles can vary greatly in shape and length from long beard styles to lumberjack beard styles but they are always a key element in completing the hipster look and vibe. Read on to find out more about this iconic beard style.

What is the Hipster Beard Style? 

Although the term ‘hipster’ was coined sometime in the 90s, hipster beard styles became super popular in the early 2010s, when this counter-culture movement really took off.

There is a great variety of facial hair styles associated with the hipster look, and beards can range from short and stylized beard styles to big and bushy. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see a hipster beard that resembles an old-timey Bandholz or Verdy beard.

Whether your beard is highly trimmed and primped such as ducktail beards style, or it’s long and natural, it can still be considered a hipster beard if it’s well-integrated with other elements like clothes style, haircut, and relaxed vibe.

Best Hipster Beard Styles


1. The Faded Hipster Beard

We all love the fade. It can elevate any beard hair style and it’s easy to do at home if you’re interested in doing your own beard maintenance. A fade works well with any beard length and it helps create a smooth transition towards your sideburns. Adding a fade to a bushy beard will also keep it from looking unkempt, and a faded beard will enhance a short beard style.

HipsterBeard 4

2. The Classic Hipster

This is one of the go-to hipster looks. The beard is trimmed and styled to perfection and it’s paired with an impressive moustache like The Imperial. The classic hipster beard is classy and stylish but it requires spending some extra time with your styling products, especially with your beard oil.

HipsterBeard 3

3. The Thick And Trim Hipster Beard 

If you have been blessed with good genes and you can grow a beautiful, full, thick beard, then this hipster beard is something you can try. Your facial hair should be quite long, and trimmed in layers that provide texture and dimension. The thick and trimmed beard is a more complex style so you should probably pass over its maintenance to a trained professional.


4. The Gray Hipster Beard

Just because the hipster movement is more popular in the 20 and 30-year demographic, doesn’t mean that a more mature gentleman can’t enjoy the benefit of this style. This beard is a great fit for gray hair. You can shape and care for it with beard oil and a beard comb to look more natural, or you can go in the opposite direction and add details that emphasize the jawline to create a more youthful appearance. Your choice.


5. The Squared Hipster Beard

The square hipster beard is a daring and bold look that’s characterized by perfect lines and stylized perfection. Start with a short rounded beard and carefully trim its lines to create a square of uniform length. Also called a short boxed beard, this beard style is a great way to elongate your facial features and celebrate your medium-length beard. It’s a fantastic facial hair style that can be adapted to any social situation, especially if you use beard wax to tame those stray hairs.


6. The Lumberjack Beard

Although this beard style has evolved into its own category, we couldn’t avoid adding it to this list. The lumberjack beard has become permanently linked to hipster culture and it still is one of the trendiest beard styles out there. This style works perfectly with medium length hair and complements every face shape. You come for the plaid and you stay for the magnificent whiskers.


7. The Wavy Hipster Beard

Wavy hair makes for a perfectly relaxed style that’s very much in tune with hipster culture. Not having to straighten your beard will save some time and energy and it will create a natural feel to your overall look. The wavy hipster beard can also be paired with an imposing moustache like The English Moustache.


8. The Artsy Hipster Beard

Facial hair is a great medium for self-expression and the artsy hipster beard is the perfect canvas. You can include an intricate moustache style such as the Van Dyke beard style and trim your beard in the most extravagant shapes you can imagine. It’s all about letting the world know who you are.


9. The Long Hipster Beard

With great patience comes great facial hair. This beard style is all about length and the eye-catching effect it creates. There is nothing more beautiful or impressive than a well-cared-for long beard.

HipsterBeard 2

10. The Bushy Hipster Beard

Some people prefer a beard that looks and feels more natural. The bushy hipster beard is a celebration of the rugged male look set in the urban background. Let your hair grow freely and let your beard decide its own shape. We have to admit that there’s a certain feeling of freedom in escaping the limitations of an overly designed beard style.

How to Grow and Maintain a Hipster Beard

Voxtr bottles

Use Beard Growth Products

Let’s keep it real and acknowledge the fact that some of us have a patchy beard. That’s ok, and with the right beard style and proper grooming, a patchy beard can become a show-stopper. But if you’re aiming for that full beard, there are some products that can help encourage your facial hair to grow.

One thing you can do is try using a Derma Roller. This device can help improve local blood circulation and boost collagen formation which strengthens the texture of your skin.  You can finish your microneedling session by applying a beard growth serum. Using a microneedling device can also help the absorption of different products.

Another way to help encourage beard growth is to keep your hair and skin hydrated with products like beard oil. Keep in mind that healthy skin is the foundation for good hair growth.

You can also help promote local blood flow by combing and brushing your beard. This may help encourage hair growth by providing the hair follicles in your skin with more nutrients.


Trim Your Beard

Depending on which beard style you choose, your facial hair will need more or less trimming to maintain its proper shape.

You can use your favourite beard trimmer to create the lines and general shape of your beard. You can also use a more precise tool like a good pair of beard scissors for certain areas like the upper lip, which requires a steadier hand.

Finish your look with a styling product like beard wax to make sure that your fancy hipster beard looks dashing throughout the entire day. If your beard is prone to dryness, you can also use a beard balm for an extra boost of hydration.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Having a balanced diet is crucial for your health and this is also reflected in the health of your skin and hair. Your diet should include food categories that are rich in protein, good fats, minerals, and vitamins.

Another factor we have to acknowledge here is physical activity. There is a lot of science that backs up the importance of exercise for maintaining our health and preventing numerous diseases. Hair growth and healthy hormone levels are directly linked to your general health, and getting enough exercise can only have positive effects.

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