10 Best Lumberjack Beard Styles for Men

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Published at: May 21, 2023

Lumberjack beards are very popular, iconic long beard styles that you most likely associate with the hipster beard style look and vibe. We love this facial hair style because it’s manly, burly, and surprisingly versatile.

With some well-thought styling, a lumberjack beard can be wild, casual or even polished and sophisticated into a braided beard style. To add to this, it also fits all face shapes and can complement all types of features.

Choosing a lumberjack beard comes down to personal style preference and the ability to commit to the care and maintenance of a long beard. Read on to find out more about lumberjack beard styles.

What is the Lumberjack Beard Style?

This awesome beard style gets its name from professional lumberjacks, and as a consequence, you’ll also see a lot of plaid associated with the look. Growing a lumberjack beard can totally transform your appearance by making you look rugged, manly and imposing, all characters that we would associate with the tough work of felling trees.

A lumberjack beard requires growing a full beard and a slightly long moustache in a shape closely related to the handlebar style. The end of your beard can be rounded, a bit squared or kept more natural and wild.

Best Lumberjack Beard Styles 


1. The Bushy Lumberjack Beard

We like a wild beard and we love the way this bushy lumberjack style creates a sense of freedom and ruggedness. One thing to keep in mind is that when we say bushy, we don’t mean messy. There’s a slippery slope towards ending up with a beard that looks unkempt. That’s why grooming and beard care are essential for this style.


2. The Long Lumberjack Beard

This magnificent beard style is one for the books. There is nothing more impressive than a big, long, beautiful lumberjack beard. It will take you some time to grow, but when you get there you’ll never want to look back.


3. The White Lumberjack Beard

Now, we did say that the lumberjack beard is reminiscent of the hipster style, but that doesn’t mean that a more mature gentleman can’t rock this look. Regardless of your age, if your beard is white or graying, this is one of the best facial hair styles for you to try out.


4. The Rounded Lumberjack Beard

If you’re looking for a more polished version of the lumberjack beard, then this facial hair style is something you should consider. Your full beard should be worn long, but you can add some flair by giving it a rounded end. This will soften your look and make your beard appear more presentable.


5. The Lumberjack Beard With Long Moustache

This facial hair style is one that appeals greatly to moustache lovers. It’s a spectacular combination of a full beard, lumberjack-style, with a long handlebar moustache. You can get creative and style your upper lip hair to fit your personal style.


6. The Short Lumberjack Beard

Not a huge fan of long, bushy beards? No problem, you can still enjoy the feel and style of the lumberjack beard. Just trim your beard a bit shorter, but make sure to keep the general rugged vibe.


7. The Lumberjack Yeard Beard

As the name suggests, it will take at least a year to reach the required beard length for this style. But with a lot of patience and dedication, you will eventually get there. You can wear your lumberjack yeard beard on the bushy side, or groom it to perfection. You have full creative license with this beard style.


8. The Ginger Lumberjack Beard

One of the most beautiful sights to behold, and one that we simply couldn’t leave out from our list. Whether you’re part of the 2% of our world’s population and all your hair is red, or you have that interesting combination of dark hair and red beard, this style is something you can rock.


9. The Bandholz Lumberjack Beard

Reminiscent of the Bandholz beard, this lumberjack facial hair style is elegant and a good choice for those with refined tastes. To achieve this look, you will have to grow a long beard, usually longer than 20 cm. Also, you’ll have to make sure that the star of this look is your moustache. Keep your upper lip hair trimmed to perfection and impeccably styled.


10. The Hipster Lumberjack Beard

This is one of the hottest lumberjack beard styles, a look that everybody would expect from a lumberjack beard. You will have to keep your beard long and rugged-looking, but still perfectly trimmed and groomed. This look is a perfect starting point if you’re looking for a beard to help you reinvent your personal style. This style is easier to pull off if you have a thick beard.

How to Grow a Long Lumberjack Beard?

Eating The Right Food 

Eating the right food will ensure that your body has enough of the right nutrients to produce important molecules such as hormones or hair proteins. You should have a healthy, balanced diet that includes proteins, healthy fat, minerals and vitamins.

Some good examples of healthy ingredients to integrate in your diet are eggs, legumes, nuts, berries, fatty fish, and avocado.

Use Beard Oil & Beard Balm

Having a good beard care routine is essential for any type of beard, but it is absolutely crucial when you’re dealing with long beard styles.

Regularly applying beard oil and beard balm will help keep your hair fibres hydrated and strong. This will not only ensure that your beard looks good, but will also help prevent beardruff and split ends. Even more, keeping your beard hydrated can also help prevent your beard from turning curly and unruly.

We recommend using a beard oil with natural ingredients and without known allergens such as parabens. You can also add a product like a beard balm for some extra hydration and as a styling product.

Beard Moisturizers

Use Shampoo and Conditioner

Keep your beard clean by using a beard wash that’s specifically designed for facial hair. Keep in mind that the hair on your face has a different structure and will require a different treatment than the hair on your scalp, so you should use specialized beard shampoo, not regular hair shampoo.

If you live in a harsher climate, or if your beard hair has a natural tendency towards dryness, you can also add a beard conditioner to your beard care routine. This product will help keep your facial hair moisturized and protected.

Exercise Regularly

Keeping yourself active and having a regular exercise routine can have a lot of benefits, including helping you grow a lumberjack beard. It can also help improve your general health, and boost your hair growth by improving hormone levels and promoting blood flow throughout the body, and keeping your hair follicles healthy.

How to Style and Maintain a Lumberjack Beard

Growing a long beard is always the hardest step. You have to be patient and refrain from trimming in the first period of hair growth. But once you’ve achieved the desired length, there’s nothing to do but enjoy the spoils. Here’s what you have to do.

Wash Your Beard

It’s important to keep your beard clean. You should wash your beard every other day, and you can do this step while you’re taking a shower.

After washing your beard, gently pat it dry with a towel and let it dry completely before you can even think of bringing a trimmer or a pair of scissors in the vicinity. Wet hair will always be longer, so you’ll be deceived by the amount of hair you’re trimming.

Upper Trimming

Depending on what lumberjack beard style you have your heart set on, you’ll be doing more or less regular trimming. If your style is more on the rugged, untamed side, you can have some wider gaps between trimming sessions.

The first part you will want to concentrate on is the cheekbone line. You can define it with a fade, a neat line, or leave it to grow natural and wild. This area will help define your look and how the beard is integrated with your facial features.

Once you’re done with your cheeks, you can work on defining your moustache. Again, depending on your chosen beard style, this will take a varying amount of work. All lumberjack beards will have a large moustache and you can trim your upper lip area by using a precision trimmer or a good set of professional beard scissors.

Neckline Visibility

Any lumberjack beard style will require a perfectly clean neckline. This will help ensure that your beard shape is perfectly emphasized and visible from any side. Having a clean neck will help prevent your beard from looking like things got out of hand, even with a more natural and wild style such as the bushy lumberjack beard.

You can create a rounded line that starts just above your adam’s apple and connects with the lobe of your ears. Everything below that line should be trimmed or shaved. You can use a straight razor or a safety razor to achieve a long-lasting clean shave.

Grab Your Axe And Rejoice In The Majesty Of The Lumberjack Beard

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