Ducktail Beard Styles: How to Grow, Trim, Maintain, & More

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Published at: Apr 04, 2023

Don’t be fooled by the cutesy name. Ducktail beard styles are the epitome of badassery and one of the main facial hair styles associated with the Viking look and can be a long beard style or a hipster beard style.

Favoured by many celebrities, the ducktail beard has soared in popularity in recent years. It’s a versatile beard style that can let you explore numerous types of looks. You can include a fade, wear it short or long, and it even has some goatee variations if you’re feeling adventurous. Read on to find out more.

What is a Ducktail Beard?

As the name suggests, the ducktail beard is shaped and trimmed in a way that resembles a duck’s tail. The chin hair is the focal point for this beard style, while other areas of the face are trimmed short and cleaned up with a close shave.

When you grow a ducktail beard, you can take liberties when it comes to its length, but it looks fantastic when your hair is around 2 to 4 inches long. You’ll need a bit of length to create that pointed shape, so this is not one of the looks you can pull off with a bit of stubble.

The ducktail beard is a great choice for any face type but it pairs exceptionally well with rounder features. If you have a round, oval or diamond-shaped face, make sure to include this beard style on your beard bucket list.

Celebrities who sport ducktail beards include Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

How to Shape and Trim Your Ducktail Beard

The tools you need 

The ducktail beard is a bit fussy when it comes to shaping and trimming. You will need patience, steady hands and the proper tools. Your beard kit should include useful items like a beard trimmer, beard comb, good quality beard scissors, a beard brush, and your favourite facial hair maintenance and care products.

Step 1: Create an Initial Rough Shape

Before you start trimming and shaving, make sure that you have plenty of light and a good mirror. This might seem excessive, but you’ll need good visibility so you can spot any changes in symmetry.

Use a beard comb to detangle and straighten your hair and remember to always do your trimming when your beard is perfectly dry. Wet hair will appear longer, and your beard will look different when it dries.

As a pro tip, make sure that you’re positioned perfectly perpendicular to your mirror and always check your progress by keeping your head perfectly straight. Use your beard trimmer to crop the hair along the sides of your face to create a rough V shape. This will serve as your canvas and a perfect starting point for your ducktail beard.

Step 2: Clean Up the Edges and Shorten the Sides

Once you’ve created a rough V shape, use your beard brush to brush your hair upwards and outwards starting from the bottom. This will fluff out your beard and you’ll get a better picture of its general shape.

Use your trimmer to create a defined line for your ducktail. The hair along your jawline should end with a straight edge that points towards the chin. You can adjust the length of the hair along your chin and jaw according to your personal preferences, but you should create a right angle at the point where your jaw meets the edge of the face.

Step 3: Trim Your Neckline and Clean Up the Cheeks

Having a perfectly trimmed neckline is really important. It makes the difference between a look that’s messy and unkempt and one that looks neat and professionally done. Trim your neckline in a curved line that starts just above your Adam’s apple and ends at the earlobe. You can finish this step with a close shave for a more polished finish.

The cheekbone area can be emphasized with clean, crisp lines. But as an alternative, you can create a cool fade or leave your facial hair to grow natural and unhindered for a more rugged finish. As a general rule, this beard style looks better if the cheekbone line is kept higher on the face.

Step 4: Maintain the Ducktail Shape

If the first 3 steps sound a bit too complicated, you can simply leave the hard part in the hand of a trained professional. No matter how you choose to get your ducktail beard, you can still maintain the look with some routine trimming at home.

You’ll need to use your beard trimmer and a good pair of scissors to trim the edges of your beard. You should do this every 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes even sooner if your facial hair grows faster.

More upkeep will be required on your neck and cheekbone areas. Keep in mind that the more elaborate a beard style is, the more work you’ll have to put in to keep its shape.

10 Best Ducktail Beard Styles For Men 


1. The Thin-Edged Ducktail Beard

This pointed beard look is the perfect fit for those with patchy hair growth. If the edges are kept thinner, you won’t need as much coverage on the face. You can keep your edges neat and perfectly straight, or you can define them with a fade. It’s the perfect cheat code and we totally love it.


2. The  Rounded Ducktail Beard

If you’re not a fan of sharp edges and pointy beards, you can choose the rounded ducktail beard. It’s a style that creates a softer look and it’s a perfect fit if you already have angular features like prominent brows and sharp cheekbones.


3. The Messy Ducktail Beard

We like a beard style that feels natural. The messy ducktail beard creates a more rugged and wild appearance but still has the sophistication of the original style. It’s a good choice if you’re not looking forward to trimming your beard within an inch of its life.


4. The Short Ducktail Beard

This look is great because you won’t have to wait an eternity for your hair to grow out. It’s simple, effective, and it looks professional and stylish. It’s a perfect fit for any occasion and it’s a great choice for the office environment.


5. The Long Ducktail Beard

We’re not gonna lie, long beards will always be more impressive. And the ducktail beard is no exception. You will have to wait for your beard to grow out and you will have to take some extra care in order to avoid hair curling or split ends. Long beard styles are more demanding, but the results make it worth spending your time and energy.


6. The Goatee Ducktail Beard

Who doesn’t love a cool goatee? This ducktail beard style can be described as a round beard that merges with the hair on your jawline and your sideburns. Your chin hair should be long and shaped in the classical ducktail style. This look is eye-catching and it’s a great way to emphasize the jawline.


7. The Full Ducktail Beard

If you’ve been blessed with a high density of hair follicles and you can actually grow a full beard, then this look is a great option for you. It’s basically a full beard that you can trim in the ducktail shape. It’s got some serious manly vibes and it’s a great way to highlight your full facial hair style.


8. The Moustache and Ducktail Beard

The OG ducktail beard comes with a short and neatly trimmed moustache. But if you’re looking for a style that’s just a bit extra, know that you can add an epic moustache to your ducktail beard. You can choose a fancy handlebar for a more striking effect.


9. The Pointed Ducktail Beard

This is a beard style that can please your inner perfectionist. You will have to make good use of your grooming products to keep every hair in place. The pointy end of your beard should be aligned with your face and all your edges should be sharp. This is an overall polished look that screams professional and sophisticated.

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10. The Viking Ducktail Beard

This look is one you can adapt and tweak to fit your style and features. You can wear it short, long, or somewhere in between. We love it because it looks raw and powerful without being unruly and scraggly. It’s a perfect fit for any modern-day Viking.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Face Shape is Best Suited for a Ducktail Beard?

Ducktail beards can be trimmed to fit any face shape and features. The more traditional ducktail styles are a great match for rounder features. If your face is round, oblong or diamond-shaped, then the ducktail beard might be a style you can try out. Just make sure to use beard oil when you shape a ducktail beard so it will maintain its appearance for a long time.

How long does it take for a ducktail beard to grow?

To achieve a ducktail beard you’ll need about 2 to 4 inches of hair growth. Because facial hair grows with an average speed of about half an inch per month, you’ll have to brace yourself for a long wait. You should be able to start shaping your ducktail beard after approximately 4 months.

What’s the difference between a ducktail beard and a goatee?

The ducktail beard has a characteristic shape, like a duck’s tail. It requires growing hair on all the areas of your face, including the jawline. On the other hand, a traditional goatee beard is a style that requires growing hair only on your chin area. One variation of the goatee is the circle beard, but this also requires trimming the hair on your cheeks and jawline areas.

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