7 Best Soul Patch Beard Styles for Men

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Published at: Nov 29, 2022

Some people simply enjoy the small things in life. Celebrated as a minimalist facial hair style, the soul patch is one of the true classics and one of the most recognizable beard styles out there.

Soul patch beard styles are a great choice if you like the idea of a beard but you don’t enjoy having a full face of fuzz. They are great for constructing bold statement looks and they come with a variety of options like the soul patch goatee, the chin patch beard, the long soul patch, or even a moustache and soul patch combo.

Whether you love them or hate them, soul patch beards are here to stay and we are excited to share insights on some of the coolest looks you can recreate for yourself. Read on to find out more.

What is a Soul Patch Beard?

The soul patch is a minimalist chin beard style that requires growing hair in a small area just under your bottom lip. Whatever the shape and size, a soul patch is one of the easiest ways to add some character to your features.

The soul patch style can also be integrated with a lot of other beard styles that range from goatees to the glorious moustache. But it can just as simply be worn as a stand-alone feature that provides the staple look most people know and love.

Best Soul Patch Beard Styles

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1. The Soul Patch And Beard

This is a fantastic choice if your beard is more on the patchy side. A soul patch beard style always looks stunning when it’s paired with a short beard. You can match your soul patch with a chin strap beard or with a fuller beard that adds some definition to the jawline.


2. The Soul Patch And Moustache

What can be more epic than a great mustache - soul patch combo. The two elements can complement and elevate each other and give you a daring and sophisticated look that is guaranteed to turn heads.


3. The Soul Patch And Stubble

Stubble beards create a look of rugged manliness, and adding a soul patch can amplify the end result. Think of this combo like adding some extra seasoning to your favourite food to make it into an extra special treat.


4. The Long Soul Patch

Just because it covers a small area, doesn’t mean you can’t grow it out. If you’re feeling extra daring, you can also dye your long soul patch for some extra flair and personality. You will also have the benefit of growing a long beard without having to endure the hassle and discomfort of a full face of hair during those hot summer months.


5. The Wide Soul Patch

This look doesn’t stray that far from the OG soul patch, but it does cover some more real estate in the area just under your lower lip. The wide soul patch is a great fit for men with thinner lips and thick hair. It tends to create a point of interest that draws the eye towards the mouth. It will also trick the eye into imagining a fuller lip.


6. The Barely There Soul Patch

Like the name suggests, this beard is barely noticeable and it requires growing a thin, short, and small soul patch while keeping the rest of your face cleaned up with a close shave. This is a great starting point if you’re just beginning to explore the idea of growing a soul patch or a beard in general.


7. The Classic Soul Patch

The original soul patch is an instantly recognizable look that requires growing a small patch of hair beneath your lip. The look it creates is super-polished because the tiny beard is emphasized by a neat clean-shave.

Your classic soul patch can also be trimmed in any form that fits your style, and you’ll often see variations like round, square, rectangle and triangle-shaped soul patches. This leaves a lot of room for you to explore and create a look that fits your personal style.

Trimming and Styling Your Soul Patch Beard

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Tools are important

No warrior can go to battle without being properly equipped. The same thing is true for the process of trimming and caring for facial hair styles. One of the most useful tools you can have in your armoury is a good beard trimmer. This will help you shape your beard and keep your hair at an even length.

If you’re opting for some of the more classic soul patch styles, you are also going to need a good shaving kit. As a pro tip, we recommend avoiding alcohol-based products because these tend to dry out the skin and even accentuate irritation if your skin is sensitive.

After shaving, you should wash your face and apply a moisturizing agent. This will help prevent ingrown hairs and post-shave irritation.

Styling a Soul Patch

The easiest way to achieve a luscious, thick soul patch look is to use your beard trimmer and start removing the hair from all the larger areas of your face, such as the cheeks, neck, and chin. Start by shaping a wider tuft of hair under your lip, then gradually take it in to get it to the shape and size you want.

One thing that you want to make sure you’re getting right is symmetry. If your soul patch isn’t perfectly centred on your face, it could upset all your features and make your mouth and chin look crooked.

You can finish the whole thing with a close shave, or you can keep some stubble for a more unique effect. With so many variations out there, any type of trimming and styling will have to be adjusted to your needs.

Maintaining a Soul Patch

Remember that just because it’s tiny, it doesn’t mean that your beard doesn’t need love and attention. You will have to keep your lower lip and chin hair clean and hydrated and you should use good quality care products like all-natural beard oils. These can also help keep the rest of your face moisturized and healthy.

For the longer soul patch beard or for combined styles like the soul patch with a beard or moustache, you can also use a styling product like a beard balm, beard butter or beard wax. This will help keep every hair in place and it will help protect your whiskers from damage caused by heat, cold and even food and drink particles that can sometimes end up in your beard.

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