Top 15 Stubble Beard Styles for Men: How to Guide + Examples

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Published at: May 24, 2023

There’s a reason why stubble beard styles are deemed so attractive and popular nowadays. You can accomplish any of the classic short beard styles out there with a few days’ worth of facial hair growth, and it’s guaranteed to look stunning and incredibly manly. Sounds like magic, right?

A stubble beard can become a goatee beard style, a chinstrap style with a fade, with or without a moustache. Stubble fits all types of face shapes and features and creates an overall rugged look. Read on to find out all you need to know about the limitless potential of your stubble.

How to Shave & Style Your Stubble Beard

Step 1. Choose your stubble beard length

Your hair should be around 4 to 5 mm long to still be considered stubble, but you know, feel free to bend the rules to whatever length feels right for you. To achieve the perfect length, use your beard trimmer to even out your beard. Remember to use a bigger guard and switch it to a smaller one until you’re satisfied with the length.

Step 2. Trim your beard with the precision trimmer

If you’re a perfectionist, you can use a precision trimmer to even out your facial hair. Precision trimmers are really helpful for areas that are harder to reach with a regular trimmer. This tool will help you trim your moustache or your chin area. It will also help you define your beard shape and create some nice, sharp edges.

Step 3. Shape your stubble beard

This is an important step that most people think you’d get to skip with a stubble beard. Thing is, without shaping and styling, a stubble beard will simply look like you forgot to shave. You can use a beard shaper or your trimmer to create a crisp line or a fade that defines the edge of your beard.

Step 4. Clean shave to sharpen your look

A clean shave will emphasize your stubble beard and make your look seem neat and professional. You can use a straight razor or a safety razor to clean up your neck and cheek area for an immaculate finish.

Step 5. Moisturize and maintain your Stubble beard

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you get to skip your beard care routine. Apply a moisturizer after shaving and use beard oil to keep your hair and face hydrated and healthy. You should opt for beard oil products with natural ingredients, without alcohol or parabens.

15 Best Stubble Beard Styles For Men


1. The Patchy Stubble Beard

Do not fear the patchiness, embrace it! This is a great style if you have uneven hair growth. If celebrities can rock it then you can as well. You can pair it with a moustache and you can make it look more tamed by keeping your edges clean and defined with a close shave.


2. Moustache With Stubble Beard

Your moustache will be the star of this show. Your upper lip hair should be perfectly integrated with your beard, but slightly longer than your stubble, so it can properly stand out. You can go for a short and simple moustace or a flamboyant handlebar style, the choice is yours. A stubble beard will help create some texture and definition.

StubbleShadow (1)

3. The 5 O’Clock Shadow Beard

This is a style that requires a shorter length of hair. Trim your stubble to about 0.5 mm in length and keep the rest of your face clean with a close shave. This beard is easy to maintain and simple to achieve and it will give you some very serious masculine vibes.


4. The Complex Stubble Beard

Remember that you can shape your stubble into any shape you can dream of. You can use a precision trimmer and your shaving kit to create a fabulous design that catches the eye and emphasizes your features. You can shape a medium stubble beard style to create a complex appearance.


5. The Lazy Stubble Beard

You can keep your beard well-defined or you can skip all the nonsense and let your beard grow where it wants to. You can still keep this style from looking too wild by trimming your facial hair to an even length.


6. The Detached Moustache And Stubble Beard

You can keep the two elements separated with a neat stubble beard and a floating moustache. This style is also a great choice if you have patchy hair growth. You can go with any moustache style you like, and you can also throw in a soul patch just for the fun of it. The detached moustache works better with a short stubble beard.


7. The Goatee Stubble Beard

This beard style is a perfect marriage between a goatee and a stubble beard. You can grow a stubble-length goatee with the rest of your face clean shaved. You can also grow some shorter stubble outside the limits of your goatee, or you can combine a thick stubble beard for your goatee with a short beard style for the rest of your face.


8. The Long Stubble Beard

The long stubble beard finds a perfect balance between a short beard and a stubble beard. Let your facial hair grow to about 4 to 6 mm, shape it to fit your features and enjoy the feel of a full beard with the cool factor of stubble.


9. The Thick Full Stubble Beard

This is a look that’s reserved for the lucky few who have been blessed with great facial hair density and thickness. It looks like a full beard even when the hair is stubble-length. The high density of hair follicles and the thicker hair shafts will make your hair seem longer and your beard fuller. Trim your edges and keep the neck area clean, and you have the perfect look.


10. The Stubble Chin Strap Beard

You can trim and shape your stubble to achieve this iconic beard style. A chin strap beard will help define your jawline and make your features more masculine. It will need a fair bit of upkeep with constant trimming, but the effort is well worth it. You can also combine it with a light stubble beard on the rest of your face.


11. The Messy Stubble Beard

Messy can work just as well as perfectly trimmed. All you need is a bit of confidence and you can totally rock this scruffy beard look. It will give you a more bohemian carefree vibe and it’s one of the easiest beard styles to grow and maintain. The messy look works better with short beard styles.


12. The Faded Stubble Beard

If you’re looking for a stubble beard with a more sophisticated air, you can try adding a fade. Instead of having neat and sharp lines to create the edges of your beard, you can add a smooth fade to elevate your stubble and take it to the next level.


13. The V-Shaped Stubble Beard

You can create a V shape to add some length to your face. This beard is perfect for round faces but it will require a bit of shaping and trimming to keep those edges perfectly symmetrical and well-defined.


14. The Chin Stubble Beard

One way to create the illusion of length without waiting an eternity for your hair to grow out is by keeping your hair a bit longer on your chin area. You can trim the rest of your stubble a bit shorter to emphasize your chin beard.


15. The Full Neck Stubble Beard

Because we don’t always like to play by the rules, we’ve also included the Full Neck Stubble Beard. This style gives you full permission to let your stubble grow free and unhindered. Having a stubbly neck can still look good even if it’s not exactly within the norm. It works better with a patchy beard because the stubble can cover the patchy areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good beard stubble length? Stubble is generally defined as facial hair with a length between 0.5 and 4 mm. But depending on your hair structure and density, you can grow it a bit longer and it will still have the overall look of stubble.

How do you keep a 3 day stubble?

Let your facial hair grow out for a couple of days then use a trimmer to even out the length of your beard. Hair grows faster for some people and it will take a bit longer for others. To maintain a 3-day stubble, choose a lower guard for your trimmer to keep your hair between 1 and 2 mm long.

How many mm is 10 day stubble?

A 10-day stubble will not necessarily take 10 days to grow out and it generally means having facial hair with a length of 4 to 5 mm, also called a medium stubble beard.

Does stubble suit everyone?

Stubble beards are versatile and easy to maintain. They are also easy to style and adapt to suit any type of face shape and features. All you have to do is find the right stubble beard style to match your face, look and preferences.

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