Top 10 Mutton Chops Beard Styles for Men: How to Guide + Examples

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Published at: May 21, 2023

Overgrown sideburns might not be the ideal look for everybody, but we think mutton chops beard styles are amazing and fun. Sideburns beards are making a comeback and it seems they’re here to stay.

The mutton chop is one of the oldest beard style & has an old-timey feel to it but you might actually associate the look with a certain grumpy X-men character who sports retractable claws. The mutton chops look is a great fit for any face shape and it gives off a distinctly masculine vibe. Read on to find out more about this versatile and unique facial hair style.

Benefits of Growing Mutton Chops

Will Give You A Rugged Look

The mutton chops beard can make your face look wider and create stronger lines along your jawline. This accentuates all the features that make a face seem more masculine. And we dare you to say that you’ve seen a person with mutton chops and didn’t think he’s confident, bold, and interesting.

Simple Maintenance Routine

A mutton chops beard by itself isn’t that hard to style and groom. If you think about it, you’re only looking after the hair growing on the sides of your face. The rest you can just trim or shave off completely.

It’s Adaptable

You can shape your mutton chops beard in any style you can think of. You can also pair it with a cool moustache. There are a huge amount of combinations and you can tweak and tune each individual style to fit your face and features.

It’s One-Of-A-Kind

If you’re looking for a beard style that’s gonna make you stand out in a crowd, then you should definitely try the mutton chops look. This facial hairstyle is bound to create a lasting impression on your peers and it’s a guaranteed head-turner.

How to Trim Your Mutton Chops Beard

You’ll have to be patient and let your beard fill in. You’ll want some actual length to your hair before you can start trimming and shaping.

Next, you’ll have to pick a shape and style for your new beard. Your mutton chops beard can be thick or thin, it can be seamlessly connected to your moustache, or you can add a floating moustache to complete the look.

Trim beard 1

You will need a beard trimmer, a shaving kit, and beard scissors for the more inaccessible parts of your face. Remember to also integrate a good care routine with products like beard oil and beard balm to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

The regular mutton chops

This is the classic look that defines the mutton chops beard. You can start off by trimming your chin beard, moustache, and neck area. This will create a clear separation between the two sides of your face.

If you want to grow mutton chops, we suggest trimming your hair in increments, starting from your chin towards the sides of your face, until you’re satisfied with the results. Alternatively, you can take a look at chin strap beard styles. Next, you should clean up the chin area, and you’re basically done. You can create crisp lines with your precision trimmer, and get a neat finish with a clean shave.

The friendly mutton chops

This look has a more modern feel to it and it requires pairing your mutton chops with a moustache. You should start by trimming your chin and neck area to create that separation between the two sides of your face.

Your upper lip area can be trimmed to the same length as your beard so you can make a smooth transition between the two elements. This means that your mutton chops beard will be connected with the moustache.

Another option is to trim your mutton chops in the classical style and add a flashy floating moustache to complement the look.

10 Best Mutton Chop Beard Styles For Men


1. The Thin Mutton Chops

This is a great beard to help frame your face and create that square jawline everybody’s raving about. It works best when it’s paired with a connected moustache. You can trim your lines to perfection or you can create a cool fade to finish up your badass look.

2. The Chin Curtain Mutton Chops

If you’re looking for bold and daring, this beard is a good one to try out. It’s basically a regular mutton chop beard style that you’ll need to trim low on your jawline. To pull off this style - AKA the Wolverine mutton chops - your beard should be long and if done correctly, it should resemble a fancy curtain clinging to the edges of your face.


3. The Disconnected Mutton Chops

This version of friendly mutton chop beards will require growing a moustache that doesn’t connect with your beard. The cool thing about this style is that you can play and experiment. You can choose a more subtle moustache or you can go for an impressive handlebar style. You can have fun with this look and personalize it to fit your own style.


4. The Neat Mutton Chops

Also known as the Elvis Presley mutton chops, this is a perfectly balanced look fit for any occasion. Everything should be combed and groomed to perfection, with not one hair out of place. The neat mutton chops beard was made for gentlemen and it oozes self-confidence and charm.


5. The Soul Patch Mutton Chops

Just because it’s a mutton chops beard style doesn’t mean we can’t also enjoy a bit of chin hair. This variation of the friendly mutton chops style is paired with a soul patch for that extra bit of flair. You can also take some creative liberty and transform your soul patch into a chin puff or a landing strip goatee.


6. The Bushy Mutton Chops

Think wild and untamed, and picture a beard that’s not limited by straight lines and fancy fades. In the 60s, this style was known as the John Lennon mutton chops. Let your beard grow as it may and enjoy the freedom of having a bushy beard that spreads along the sides of your face. This is a low-maintenance version of the curly mutton chops beard and we totally love it.


7. The Complex Mutton Chops

If you’re a fan of complicated beard styles, you’re going to love this one. You can trim and shape your mutton chops to turn your facial hair into a unique art piece. We just love the sharp, perfect lines that create patterns, structure, and depth. This beard style is a perfect way to show off one’s mastery of the trimmer and razor blade.


8. The Stubble Mutton Chops

There’s nothing subtle about this stubble. This is basically the fastest way to achieve a mutton chops beard. Trim your stubble to an equal length and use a razor to shave the hair on your neck and chin. You can opt for a stubble version of either regular or friendly mutton chops beard styles.


9. The Almost Mutton Chops

This minimalist beard style is a great option if you’re trying to work up your courage to try a bolder look. You can trim your hair closer to the edges of your face. This will look more like really long sideburns, but it’s a great place to start.


10. The V-shaped Mutton Chops

Creating a V-shape with your beard will accentuate your features and elongate your face. You can achieve this look with a regular mutton chops beard. You should trim your hair to create a right angle at the point where your jaw turns upwards. This will help make your jawline look square and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions Who invented the mutton chops? The sideburns beard or classic mutton chops beard was named after a 19th-century American general and senator named Ambrose Everett Burnside.

Why sideburns are called mutton chops? The original sideburns beard inspired by a 19th-century American Civil War general was eventually called a mutton chops beard due to its resemblance to the small cut of meat from the sheep’s ribs.

Sideburns VS mutton chops - What’s the difference? The main difference between sideburns and mutton chops is the facial hair placement. Sideburns are by definition the strips of hair that grow in front of your ears. A sideburns or mutton chops beard is a style of facial hair that covers the sides of your face along the jawline.

What face shape suits mutton chops beard? Mutton chops beard styles are a great fit for any type of face shape and they are very well suited for round and oblong faces. A mutton chops beard will add width to your face and create a stronger and sharper jawline.

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