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Time as a TBS ambassador

I have been with The Beard Struggle since April 2021.

Why did you choose TBS?

I’d been following Espen (Pilot Viking) and Thor (Rosland) on Instagram for a while and loved the content they created and how they promote TBS. I even said to my wife (Faye) I’d love to work with TBS one day. Then, as the God’s would have it, TBS reached out to me on Instagram, we agreed for me to test the products first for a couple of months and across the board (customer service, speed of delivery, packaging, product quality, scent and performance) I was blown away by it all and recognised other beards (and their partners) would enjoy the experience as much as I (and Faye) do – I knew right away I could be confident and proud to work alongside The Beard Struggle team and family.

Favourite TBS Products

Favourite products are both the Tonic & Elixir Beard Oil, Warriors Beard Balm and Radiance beard wash and conditioner. My favourite must have tool is the 3-In-1 heated beard brush and straightener (complimented with the Viking Shield heat protectant spray).

Favourite TBS scent

Viking Storm - my wife’s too, she says “it’s sexy”.

About Owen Janes

My name is Owen, born and located in England but with Irish roots too. As a boy I had a dream of becoming a professional footballer (soccer) and although achieving a fairly high level in youth football, I didn’t quite make the cut. Because of this, for most of my life I didn’t have a clear map on where I was heading so I just floated between sales roles feeling pretty lost but over the past few years, I have found my passion on creating content on social media across various platforms to promote how we should all be and do whatever makes us happy in life along with my blogging on men’s personal care such as beard, hair and mindset. Having always had an entrepreneurial flame burning within me I have been involved in various business ventures and property investments however in 2020 I decided to really focus my efforts on my passion which is social media content creation.

This focus on social media has put me in the position to work with various haircare brands due to me having my long, curly, red hair but also provided me with the opportunity to work directly with The Beard Struggle which I’m so proud of. I love to share my personal experiences, hints, tips and, have a bit of fun online as although I enjoy creating the content myself, I also hope to bring value and a smile to others too. I have recently moved to the south coast of England (Dorset) with my wife Faye, which has been a dream we’ve both had to move to the coast for over 10 years.

Wishing you all the best and remember, look after your beard and your beard will look after you!