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Espen Hatleskog

Pilot Viking

Time as a TBS ambassador

I've been with TBS since 2019.

Why did you choose TBS?

I choose to go with TBS because after the first second I opened a bottle of Asgardian Secret Beard Oil, I was sold! My beard has never felt better.

Favourite TBS Products

My favourite products are the Day Liquid Tonic, Warrior's Beard Balm, Radiance Beard Wash and Conditioner the Grooming and Trimming Kits.

Favourite TBS scent

My favourite scents are Asgardian Secret, Valkyrie's Oud and Odin's Virtue.

About Espen

Born in Stavanger, I was raised in various parts of Sandnes in the south west part of Norway.

My childhood dream was to become a pilot, so I moved to Florida in 2011 to fulfill that dream.

I attended flight school, and stayed there until I finished at the end of 2014. When I arrived back in Norway, I moved to a small town surrounded by beautiful nature. It was then I started my adventures, and fell more and more in love with photography.

I started posting pictures on Instagram from my adventures around where I live. I started to play around with being in front of the camera rather than behind it after a few years, and all of a sudden I was more of a "model" than photographer.

This progressed even more after I joined The Beard Struggle in 2019, and eventually made me fall more in love with acting.

I took the name "Pilot Viking" back when I created my Instagram in 2014, as I felt it was fitting to my carrier in aviation; but kept the name since I changed from planes to drones.