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Emil "Valhalla" Meek

Time as a TBS ambassador

I have been an ambassador with The Beard Struggle since 2020.

Why did you choose TBS?

I have been contacted by almost a dozen beard product companies and most of them fell short. The products didn't do anything for my beard and some actually made it worse. As well, more often than not the scent didn't meet my expectations.

Then I saw my all-time beard idol Daki Savic was working with The Beard Struggle. I reached out to him and TBS and the rest is history!

I wanted to join the strongest and best beard company for real Vikings, and the products are worthy of any God in Valhalla. They are affordable and smell like the goddess Freya herself!

Favourite TBS Products

My favourite products are the Gentlemen's Beard Balm, Day Liquid Tonic and Night Liquid Elixir, Radiance Beard Wash and Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask.

Favourite TBS scent

My favourite scent is Valhalla's Gates, obviously!

About Emil

I’m a full-blood Norwegian Viking, a prizefighter, and I’m signed with the biggest fighting organization in the world, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

I live for the unique feeling, the moment of bliss that you only get when you put everything on the line in order to achieve greatness!

But let’s get a little less pompous.

Once in a while I rock out with my band Autokarma, I’m what I like to call an extra guitarist and bearded hype man.

I just became a father to my first born son, Atlas. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but everything worth having in life doesn’t come easy, just like a magnificent beard.

Classic rock is my main jam. With enough caffeine to kill a small animal rushing through my veins I love rocking out in the morning!

Pizza, ice cream and fresh pastries are my weakness.

I’m honest, I suck at texting back and I might be an adrenaline junkie.