Paveł  Ladziak
Paveł  Ladziak

Paveł  Ladziak

The Polish Viking

Time as a TBS ambassador

I have been with The Beard Struggle since 2017.

Why did you choose TBS?

The Beard Struggle has the best quality beard products, and they do it all with a Viking Spirit.

Favourite TBS Products

Radiance Beard Wash and Gentlemen's Beard Balm.

Favourite TBS scent

Freya’s Bliss and Odin’s Virtue.

About Pavel

I live in Warsaw on a daily basis, where I work to perfect my passion. Those who work with me have found out how devoted I am to the art of photography.

I am a talented man with a great passion for photography, with a great sense of aesthetics and taking care of every detail. You could call me a perfectionist who translates perfectionism into my work.

I am also interested in fitness and the world of fashion and styling.

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