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Warrior's Beard Balm

5 Average rating



”Great product in a very crowded market.!”

- Bobby L

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Discover Warrior's Beard Balm for a soft, healthy beard without the grease.

Crafted with natural beeswax for a medium hold that's skin-friendly, and infused with luxurious, cologne-grade fragrances to keep you smelling great all day.

Each unique scent is designed to captivate. Ideal for those seeking a natural beard care solution.

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2045 Reviews

5 Average rating

TBS product review
TBS product review
TBS product review
TBS product review
TBS product review

jeff j.

Variant:  Viking Storm

"Best on the market "

I won’t use anything but The Beard Struggle products on my beard. They are simply the best !!

TBS product review

US review country flagUnited States

Sep 12, 2022 - Updated at: Feb 10, 2024

Ian W.

"Balm for Berserkers"

This stuff is incredible! Helps keep my beard soft and stylish all day! No matter what I’m doing, whether it be going to the gym, working, or going out on the town, I know that my beard will stay soft and manageable all day long! All natural scents (Alfheims Forests is a fav), I know it’ll be gentle on my skin too! 10 out of 10 recommend!

TBS product review

US review country flagUnited States

Mar 05, 2023 - Updated at: Feb 10, 2024

Nick H.


The scent profile is amazing, the quality and consistency is on point, and after only 3 days of use I have noticed a definite difference in the texture of my beard. And it’s consistently softer lol. It definitely doesn’t take much with the application, and it lasts me all day!!!! Other stuff I’ve tried hasn’t had nearly the consistent results, and a lot of it made me break out. Still a bit too early to tell with that part, but I've got a really good feeling.... give it a go if you’re looking to try something different or step up ye olde bearding game... Black Viking endorsed 👍🏾🍻😎

TBS product review

US review country flagUnited States

Aug 13, 2019 - Updated at: Feb 10, 2024

Jason L.

Variant:  Aesir's Triumph

"Great Texture"

I first found The Beard Struggle looking for a COVID mask that wouldn't put that ****** dent in my beard. (I bought two and they're awesome). While shopping for a mask I noticed their beard balm. My former beard balm maker closed down. I prefer beard balm over butters and oils. I've tried several other products but nothing came close to what I have been using for several years. I gave The Beard Struggle a try and purchased the sample kit. The presentation is outstanding! The care and detail they put into the product, cotainers, the box itself and even the packaging was impressive. Most of all, the texture of the balm is perfect; not to buttery, not too oily, and instantly devolves into a spread in yiur hands. They feel great, are of natural ingredients which is good for my skin and the smells were amazing. This was one of my favorites. Fantastic product. Ships crazy fast!

TBS product review

US review country flagUnited States

May 02, 2022 - Updated at: Feb 10, 2024

James R.

Variant:  Valhalla's Gates

"My go to "

The scent of rose is absolutely amazing. Can't get over the smoothness and softness of my beard the second I put it on. The scent lasts all day and into the evening. Thank you for this product.

TBS product review

CA review country flagCanada

Feb 09, 2023 - Updated at: Feb 10, 2024