Expert Tips on How to Tame a Wild and Unruly Beard

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Published at: Jan 02, 2023

If you have a beard, then chances are you’ve probably had some mornings when you’ve woken up looking like an extra from The Lion King. Truth is, every bearded man at some point or another will have to face the challenges of trying to tame an unruly beard.

Thankfully, any beard problem can be fixed and we’re here to help you whip your whiskers back into shape. There are a few easy pointers to follow that will help gain back control against any unruly and wild beard. Read on to find out more.

What Are Some Common Problems With Unruly Beards?

Before we delve in, we have to make a quick distinction between a natural, wild-looking beard, and an unruly beard. The first one is a statement look, while the second one is a mistake - simply put, a case of facial hair gone wrong.

You can end up with an unruly beard by neglecting to take care of your beard, having an improper beard care routine, or using the wrong kind of beard and skin care products.

The first sign of unruliness will be a change in your beard’s texture and look. Your facial hair might start to look unkempt and you’ll have a harder time styling and conditioning your beard. You may also notice other things like dandruff, split ends, beard curling, and a feeling of itchiness and discomfort in your bearded area.

1. Beard Dandruff

Just like scalp dandruff, beardruff is unpleasant to deal with. It doesn’t look good and it can make some of us feel self-conscious. Beard dandruff is often caused by dry skin that starts to flake off from the surface of your face, and it can make a significant difference in your beard’s appearance.

2. Coarse and Scruffy Hair

If your hair isn’t properly moisturized, it might start to change in texture. Dry hair has a tendency to become rigid and more curly. This will make the hair fibres feel coarse and will give you headaches when trying to style.

3. Beard Split Ends

If your beard develops split ends, it’s a clear sign that you have to take immediate action. The end of the hair fibre is literally split into two or more parts, which can make your beard look unruly and unkempt. Although split ends can only be fixed with a good pair of scissors, you can avoid them by having a good beard care routine.

4. Itchy Beard 

A lack of moisture in your skin and beard can also lead to irritation, redness and itchiness. Not only is itchiness unpleasant, but running your hands through your beard and scratching your face to alleviate the itchiness can bring other bacteria and particles onto your skin. This can lead to more irritation and even breakouts, especially at the top of the neck area or at the edges of your beard.

6 Tips on How to Tame a Wild, Unruly Beard

1. Regularly Trim Your Beard With Scissors

This is one of the grooming tips that usually scare away most people. You’ve spent what feels like an eternity waiting for your beard to grow out, and now the last thing you want to do is start trimming it down.

But keep in mind that you’re not cutting too much of your beard hair. Trimming with purpose can actually lead to faster growth and a better beard condition. Regular trims can help you keep your beard looking healthy and stylish, and it’s the easiest way to prevent split ends and get rid of unruly hairs.

You can opt for a 'do it yourself' style trim within the comfort of your own home, armed with a good pair of scissors and a comb. But sometimes, these matters need a professional touch. And if your beard's sideburns or length are beginning to run wild it might be worth paying your barber a visit to help resume a little order to these tougher-to-manage areas and to eliminate any tangles.

2. Wash Your Beard Daily With a Beard Wash

Keep your beard clean and healthy by using a product that’s specifically formulated for facial hair. You can use a beard shampoo every other day, or even daily if your beard and environment demand it.

Washing your beard and using a conditioner after you shower will help your other care products absorb and will prevent harmful particles from lingering on your skin and causing problems like irritation and inflammation.

3. Use Beard Straightener to Straighten Your Beard

Unruly beards are notoriously hard to shape and style. Beard curling and scruffy hair are the stuff of nightmares when you’re trying to put yourself into a presentable form in the mornings. A quick and easy fix to this problem is to use a heated beard brush and straightener.

We recommend TBS’s Carbon X heated brush + straightener. Straighten out and volumize your beard with minimal effort.

4. Apply Conditioners or Beard Oils Twice Daily to Soften Beard

Most problems associated with unruly hair, can be prevented by sticking to a good beard care routine. Keep your beard soft, hydrated and nourished with a daily application of beard oil and other conditioners.

The best practice is to have a morning and evening beard care routine. You can apply a lighter beard oil in the morning and opt for a more nourishing beard oil in the evening. Use beard combs to untangle your mane at the end of the day. Remember that you can tweak and adapt your beard care routine to fit your schedule.

5. Train Your Unruly Beard With Comb or Brush

One way to deal with a wild and bushy beard is to comb through any troublesome areas with a good quality comb or brush. Brushing your beard on a daily basis can help train your hair to grow in a specific direction and will help your beard keep its proper shape for longer.

You can use tools that are made from both natural and synthetic materials, but the best options are those that help reduce frizziness and allow for fast and efficient detangling.

6. Style Your Beard With a Balm.

Beard balms are the perfect styling product for unruly beards. Scoop up a small quantity of product, warm it up between your palms then spread it evenly on the entire length of your beard.

Beard balms contain ingredients like beeswax to help your beard keep its shape throughout the day, essential oils for beard health and a pleasant smell, and other ingredients that provide your whiskers with hydration and nourishment.

You can try TBS Warrior’s beard balm for an all-natural, non-greasy finish. Keep your beard soft, hydrated and protected throughout the day, and forget about the struggle of unruly hairs and untamable beards.

Wage War Against Unruly Beards And Tame Your Facial Hair Once And For All

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