7 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas for Men With Beards in 2024

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Dec 24, 2023

Few things are more satisfying than finding the perfect gifts for the people we love. Sure, you can always buy a pair of socks or a funny mug. But if you’re aiming for the title of ‘best gift giver’, then you’ll want to go for presents that say you've put in the effort, the kind of presents that prove just how well you know the other person.

This Holiday season, surprise the beard enthusiasts in your life - whether they’re your dad, husband, partner, brother, or the quiet guy at work that’s always there for you - with a present they can use and enjoy.

We’ve selected 7 ideas to help you find the perfect gifts for men with beards. We’ve included gifts for people with short or long beards, for that one friend that’s always perfectly styled and groomed, and for those who are just starting their beard growing or beard grooming journey. And no, we didn’t include a beard mug in this list. Read on to find out more.

7 Best Beard Gifts to Buy This Holiday Season

1. Tonic + Elixir Beard Oil Bundle

When in doubt, always stick to the basics. This gift box is perfect for any type of beard, for both beginners and experienced beard lovers. And since this isn’t your typical Christmas choice, so you can also use it as a birthday gift.

Beard oil is that one essential care product that everyone should own, so you can’t really mess up with this amazing TBS beard oil bundle.

Beard oil helps hydrate the beard hair and the skin underneath it while providing nutrients and active ingredients that help the whiskers grow strong and look amazing. The Tonic + Elixir oil bundle contains lighter beard oils the man can use during the day and a super hydrating night oil that works like a nighttime face cream. When used regularly, the grooming kit provides nutrients and moisture 24/7.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Contains only plant-based ingredients
  • Paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly
  • Doesn’t contain any known DHT inhibitors
  • Keeps the skin and beard moisturized for 24 hours
  • Products come in a wide variety of cologne-grade fragrances

What’s Included:

2. Radiance Bundle 

This is another beard gift idea that works for any type of facial hair, from lumberjack beards to exquisite ducktail beards. The Radiance beard wash is a specially formulated beard shampoo that’s both gentle and effective, making it an ideal gift even for men with sensitive skin.

The Radiance beard conditioner is a great addition to anyone’s beard care routine during the cold winter months. Just like scalp hair conditioner, this product provides an extra boost of hydration. It can also improve the texture and appearance of wavy and curly beards by fighting off the dreaded frizziness.

The Radiance bundle is a great beard care combo that will help your loved one’s beard stay clean, happy, and hydrated. It’s a great fit for any type of beard and it will definitely help out with whiskers that are in need of some hydration and smoothing action.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan-friendly
  • Suitable for all skin and beard types
  • Comes in a variety of cologne-grade fragrances
  • Gently cleanses the skin and beard
  • Hydrates, softens and smoothes out the hair fibres

What’s Included:

3. Carbon X: Heated Beard Brush + Straightener

This beard grooming kit would be an awesome gift for someone with a slightly longer beard. It’s also a great match for those beard lovers that can’t leave the house without styling their whiskers to perfection.

Carbon X heated beard brush is a styling tool that helps tame, volumize and straighten facial hair. This cordless device has a unique design and incorporates a heated brush that smoothes out and straightens the beard and a heated hair pick that adds volume.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Smooths the surface of the beard hairs, adds volume and straightens the beard
  • Easy to use
  • Three heat settings to choose from
  • Cordless design
  • Scald-free design 

What’s Included:

  • Carbon X heated beard brush and straightener
  • Patented MagX quick connect charging base
  • Patented MagX quick-connect magnetic charging cable
  • Power adaptor 
  • Microfibre CrabonX protective sleeve

4. Beard Growth Kit

The ultimate gift for a beard lover, this package contains the A to Z of beard care essentials. This present would be perfect for beginner beard enthusiasts who are at the starting point of their beard journey.

TBS beard growth kit contains staples like beard oil and beard wash. It also includes styling products and grooming tools to complete the beard care arsenal.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Essential beard care items
  • Helps promote healthy mustache and beard growth
  • Cruelty-free and paraben-free products
  • Products come in a variety of cologne-grade fragrances

What’s Included:

5. Day & Night Bundle

A beard is only as strong and healthy as the skin underneath it. The Day & Night bundle contains products that are suitable for all beard types, lengths, and styles. This is one of the beard gift ideas you can use to buy presents for all the guys in your life - including your non-bearded friends and family members - and for every occasion, not just the holidays.

The pack contains the basic products needed to build a skincare routine. You’ll get a cleansing bar to help remove the oils and grime accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Also included is a moisturizer to start the day with and a night moisturizer that helps nourish and deeply hydrate the skin throughout the night.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types
  • Moisturizing creams that provide hydration and nourishment throughout the day
  • Keeps the skin moisturized without feeling greasy
  • Helps prevent itchiness
  • Helps improve skin texture and even out skin tone
  • Perfect for anyone who takes pride in taking care of their skin

What’s Included:

6. The Apex Bundle

This is the gift that no one can top. The Apex bundle contains everything a beard lover could ever need. It’s perfect for both beginner and advanced beard care. It includes beard care products like beard oil and beard shampoo, styling products like beard balm, and basic tools like a beard comb and brush.

This giant bundle includes a beard growth kit with a growth serum and derma roller, as well as the ultimate styling tool - the CarbonX heated beard brush and straightener. This is the ultimate beard gift set you could buy. The package contains something every beard enthusiast would love - a gear set, care products, and more - so it’s bound to bring him joy.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • For all skin and beard types
  • Products come in a wide variety of cologne-grade fragrances
  • Contains essentials for beard care, beard styling and beard growth
  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free

What’s Included:

  • Day Liquid tonic beard oil
  • Night Liquid elixir beard oil
  • Viking Savage Brush v2.0
  • Warrior’s beard balm
  • Warrior’s beard butter
  • Radiance beard wash
  • Radiance beard conditioner
  • Viking sea mineral beard mask
  • Voxtr Beard Growth accelerator
  • Micro-needle derma roller
  • CarbonX 3-in-1 Heated beard brush + straightener
  • Viking shield heat protectant spray
  • Oseberg travel bag

7. The Origin Kit

This gift is perfect for those beard lovers who have struggled on their beard journey. This thoughtful present contains the tools and products that can help promote fast and healthy beard growth.

Help your loved ones write their own beard story with The Origin kit. The bundle includes a beard growth serum and a derma roller, as well as other products and tools that help provide the skin and hair with nutrients and hydration.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Essential products to help boost healthy beard growth
  • Helps keep hair fibres hydrated, soft and smooth
  • May help diminish patchiness and bald spots
  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan-friendly
  • Choose from a variety of luxurious cologne-grade fragrances

What’s Included:

  • Voxtr beard growth accelerator
  • Micro-needle derma roller
  • Viking Savage brush 2.0
  • Viking Sea mineral mask
  • Warrior’s beard butter

What to Look for When Choosing a Beard Gift?

Understand Their Needs & Preferences

This part is easy to get right, and all you need is a bit of attention to detail. For example, you wouldn’t want to get a beard styling tool like a heated beard brush for someone who gravitates towards stubble beards or other really short beard styles. Instead, you should choose products that are more suitable, like a beard care kit, or even shaving tools and products like pre-shave oil, a trimming kit or a cool shave kit.

You’ll also score more points if you can find out the gift recipient’s favourite scent. With this knowledge, you can find appropriately scented beard care products like beard oil, beard wax or beard butter.

Choosing the Beard Kit With the Right Products

Each product in a beard kit has a different use. Knowing what each type of product does can help you pick the right combination and choose the perfect gift for men with beards.

Find The Perfect Gift For Your Bearded Loved Ones

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