Dry & Brittle Beard: What Are The Causes & How to Treat It

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Published at: May 29, 2023

A dry beard can be a source of headaches. A lack of moisture inside your hair fibres can lead to a long list of problems that can make your beard hard to style and unkempt in appearance.

Brittle beard hair is another consequence of facial hair dryness. This is a more serious problem that can lead to split ends, and even parts of the hair fibres breaking off.

Read on to find out why your beard might be getting dry and brittle and some quick and easy fixes to these problems.

What Are Some Common Causes of a Dry & Brittle Beard? ----------------------------------------------------- bad products

1. Using the Wrong Product to Wash Your Beard

Most people are not really aware of the fact that our scalp’s hair and skin structure are totally different from those of our face. What this means is that we’re supposed to use products that are specifically destined for facial care use.

Simply put, a product like a scalp hair shampoo can damage your beard by drying out your hair fibres or be an irritating factor for the skin of your face.

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2. Staying Dehydrated

Our bodies are made of about 60% water. We have to maintain the optimum amount of hydration by making sure to have a proper intake of liquids. Although we’ve all heard about the ‘8 glasses of water per day’ recommendation, our optimum water intake can vary widely based on height, weight, physical activity levels, and our environment.

Other water sources come from beverages like coffee, tea, milk, juices, fruits and vegetables. Whatever the case, maintaining a proper hydration level is essential for your body’s health in general, and specifically for the health of organs like kidneys and skin. Keeping your body healthy and hydrated can also play a huge role in the health of your hair and beard.

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3. Having Split Ends

Split ends can appear once the ends of your facial hairs dry out, become brittle, and start to come apart. This makes the affected sections prone to breakage and may cause your bear to look unkempt and scraggly.

You can prevent split ends from developing by keeping your beard moisturized and conditioned, and by having a regular trimming routine. You can trim your beard at your local barber, or you can DIY trim your whiskers at home using your trusty comb and scissors.

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4. Weather Conditions & External Factors

Extreme weather conditions and even temperature and humidity variations from the transitions through indoor and outdoor spaces can have some serious negative effects on your facial hair.

Weather conditions can lead to moisture loss and may be an important source of damage to your hair fibres. Keep in mind that you should adapt your beard care routine according to your environment.

For example, you might need to reapply your beard oil or use a more nourishing and hydrating facial cream formulation during the cold winter months. One of the benefits of using beard products more often in the cold months is that they improve your hair’s texture.

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5. Genetics

Some men come with a genetic predisposition for ‘dryness’. If dry skin and dry hair have always been a part of your life, then you might have to work a bit harder to compensate for your body’s subpar production of natural oils.

4 Step Guide on How to Moisturize & Soften Your Dry Beard 


Step 1. Wash Your Beard With a Beard Wash

You should always use a beard wash to help ensure a gentle and thorough cleanse. Stay away from harsh soaps and shampoos that are destined for scalp or all-body use. These can strip away your skin’s natural oils, weaken your skin’s barrier properties, and dehydrate your facial hair.

You can use a beard wash during your shower, which makes it really fun and easy to integrate into your grooming and self-care routine. You can also use a beard conditioner to keep your beard smooth and prevent irritation and itchiness.

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Step 2. Apply Beard Oil Daily

Beard oil is the OG beard care product. A daily application of beard oil will help ensure that your facial hair stays nourished, hydrated and protected.

A great option is TBS Day liquid tonic. This is a beard oil that’s suitable for all skin and beard types and contains natural oils that provide your whiskers with the love and care it needs to look and feel amazing.

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Step 3. Use a Beard Comb

Your favourite beard comb can be a useful tool for detangling and styling your facial hair. What you probably don’t know is that the simple act of combing and brushing your beard can help improve the health of your hair fibres and your skin.

The mechanical action of your comb or brushes’ bristles can help stimulate local blood flow which in turn can help provide your hair follicles with more nutrients.

Another benefit of brushing is that it helps distribute the natural oils your skin produces, along the entire length of your hair fibres. The same principle applies when you’re applying beard care products like beard oils or beard butter.

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Step 4. Apply a Beard Balm and Massage Your Beard

Beard balm is a great product for dry and coarse facial hair. You can use it at the end of your beard care routine as a nourishing styling product. Beard balms contain beeswax that helps create a moderate hold, but they also contain nourishing butters that help condition and soften your facial hair.

You can use TBS’s Warrior beard balm to soften and revitalize your facial hair. We’ve created a fantastic non-greasy formula that provides a medium-strength hold to help you look amazing throughout the day.

What Are Some Tips for Choosing the Right Products for Your Dry Beard?

Invest in a good beard oil

Pick a product made from natural ingredients and choke full of nutrients. Your beard oil is the foundation of your beard care routine because it will keep your facial hair supple, flexible and hydrated.

Use quality tools

Small details like the build and quality of your beard brush and comb can go a long way. The wrong type of comb could make your hair frizzy, scratch the skin underneath your beard or even damage your dry and brittle hair fibres.

Avoid harsh ingredients

Look out for products that feel too ‘chemically’ on the skin. Strong surfactants, alcohol-based products and other harsh ingredients can strip your skin of natural oils and further dehydrate your hair fibres.

Take good care of your skin

Your beard starts within the hair follicles that are found inside your skin. It’s only natural that when something goes wrong with your skin, it’s going to affect the way your beard grows. Consider using skincare products to help you keep your face hydrated and healthy.

If you’re new to skincare, you can start your journey with The Fresh Start kit. This bundle is a great starter pack to help you set up your morning routine.

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