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Published at: Jun 06, 2023

It’s 2023 and if you want to grow a beard it's never been easier. Think about it. Most of us are still confined in our homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and we have to wear masks whenever we go out.

While this whole situation is far from ideal, you now have the chance to turn this unfortunate turn of events into an opportunity. How? Well, you can take the time to grow out your awesome beard, that’s how.

Quarantine and lockdowns make growing a beard easier. Since most of your meetings are still online, nobody can see that you're growing a beard and it's patchy unless your camera is placed right next to your face. And your face mask goes over your growing beard when you’re out, so it provides the perfect covering for the not-so-perfect hair growth of your growing facial hair.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’re worried that growing a beard might take too much time, which would mean that you’ll be stuck with terrible facial hair when things start to open back up.

But have no fear, we’re here to help. We’re going to explain everything you need to know about growing a beard. How long does it take to grow a beard? Well, as little as four weeks for a full beard, depending on various factors you’ll read about below.

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5 Interesting Myths About Growing a Beard

First off, let’s start by listing and debunking several beard myths that have been floating around regarding this topic. Some of them started off on the internet, some are probably as old as the printing press. You shouldn’t worry about any of the following beard myths if you want to grow your beard fast.

  1. Shaving doesn’t grow a beard faster or thicker

Shaving accomplishes one thing, and one thing only. It cuts off your facial hair. You will not grow a beard faster or thicker after you shave it off.

  1. Beard oils don’t make your beard grow thicker

Beards are trending right now. Some people argue that we’re living in an age of peak beard, similar to the 19th century when everyone who was someone was sporting some sort of facial hair growth - beards, moustaches, mutton chops, you name it.

But the similarities don’t end here. Much like in the 19th century, there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. And you know it.

These are the people who advertise their products as the best solution for everything, including making your beard grow faster, thicker, and fuller. And some of them would love nothing more than to convince you that beard oil helps your beard grow faster. Why? Because that would increase their profits.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. There is some anecdotal evidence out there indicating that beard oil might help promote beard growth or make your beard hair thicker, and many men would swear by it. But the reality is that this beard claim isn’t backed by science.

Here’s the thing, beard oil doesn’t alter beard growth or thickness. It simply helps remove some of the dirt trapped in your beard hair and moisturizes your face and hair. Applying beard oil can make your mane look glossy, which might help it seem thicker, but we have to chalk this one down as a myth.

  1. Supplements increase beard growth

This one is not necessarily a beard myth, it’s more of a marketing tactic. There are many supplement companies advertising their products specifically for beard growth.

While it’s true that a mineral or vitamin deficiency may inhibit beard growth, beard growing supplements are not different from any other kind of supplements on the market. And if you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet, your hair follicles probably don’t need them.

  1. Your beard should grow in before your 20th birthday

We don’t know when this one originated, but it’s surely one of those pre-internet era beard myths that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Here’s the thing. Some boys might manage to grow out full beards at 16 while men aged 35 might only grow patchy ones.

The truth is that growing a beard is not a competition and you shouldn’t treat it as one. Take your time. Don’t stress over it. As you’ll see later in this article, stress can affect your ability to grow a beard faster.

Your beard keeps improving and might grow faster as you grow older, with some men only being able to grow a full beard in their 50s.

  1. A barber should shape your beard

Many men, especially those who grow their first beard, believe that they should go to a barber to get their beards shaped and styled.

While there’s nothing wrong with visiting your local barbershop, you don’t need professional help to style your beard. After all, you know best what you want to look like. With the proper tools and a little courage, you can style your beard yourself and only visit the barbershop in case of an unlikely emergency.


Factors That Impact Your Ability to Grow a Beard Faster

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that impact your ability to make your beard grow faster, or beard hair grow at all.


If your father and grandfathers could grow thick beards, then you’ll probably grow one as well. If your ancestors couldn’t grow facial hair, you probably won’t be able to grow a beard either.

The hormones responsible for masculine traits are called androgens. If your genes are sensitive to the effect of androgens, it will help your hair growth and your chances of growing a full beard are good.

However, some of the androgens that stimulate beard growth inhibit the growth of your scalp hair, so they cut both ways.


The older you get, the more likely you are to grow a full beard. Some men might only be able to grow out their beards in their 50s or 60s.

As a rule of thumb, the older you get the thicker beard you will grow.

Ethnicity and Ancestry

Your race and origins can have a direct effect on your ability to grow facial hair. Men originating from Mediterranean countries can grow thicker beards than men originating in other regions. Chinese men grow less facial hair than Caucasian men. And so on.


Testosterone influences your beard hair growth, but not so much as you’d think. Unless your testosterone levels are extremely low, they are probably not affecting the growth rate of your beard.


Exercise improves blood flow. When you’re flushed from exercise, the small blood vessels in your face transport large amounts of blood to facilitate perspiration and deliver nutrients. Well, those nutrients feed you beard hair follicles, which promote beard growth.


Eating healthy may be the best thing you do for your body. Because eating healthy can help with everything from maintaining a normal body mass index to growing a beard faster.

When you’re eating healthy, your body receives all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stimulate beard hair growth.

Following a balanced diet can’t override genetics, but it can help your existing beard hair grow faster and look better.


Sleep is essential for a healthy life, along with a balanced diet. And lack of sleep can affect your ability to grow a beard. Your body releases large amounts of testosterone while you sleep, so you need your ZZZs if you want to grow a luscious mane.


Stress can affect every aspect of your life, including your ability to grow a beard. Stress can lead to hair loss. Managing stress levels can help promote hair growth by promoting a balance in your hormone levels.


Smoking is bad for you. As a smoker, this is something you know but ignore anyway. Well, add hair loss to the list of bad things smoking can cause. Smoking can cause hair loss, so quit if you want to grow a full beard.


Understanding Your Beard Growth

Facial hair doesn’t grow at the same rate on the entire surface of your face. Understanding how facial hair grows will make it easier to know what to expect from your own hair growth. Here’s how facial hair grows:

  1. Mustache
    • The hair above your upper lip is usually the first one to grow, and the moustache is also one of the fastest-growing areas.
  2. Soul patch
    • The hair underneath your bottom lip is usually the second one to grow in. Most men can grow awesome soul patches, you probably can do so, too. The problem is that almost nobody wants to see soul patches in the wild.
  3. Goatee
    • The hair on the top of your chin and above the jawline is usually next. Starting out as a fuzz, the goatee slowly expands to your cheeks.
  4. Side-burns
    • The hair on your cheeks and above the jawline is second to last. Side-burns grow slow, but they add character to your beard.
  5. Neckline
    • The hair growing below your jawline is usually the last to grow in. More often than not, this hair is just a nuisance because you have to trim it often if you want to maintain a certain style for your beard.

What You Should Eat For Beard Growth

Even though your ability to grow a beard is mostly dictated by your genetic information and ancestry, you can help your body promote hair growth by eating right. Make your beard grow faster by including the following ingredients in your meals

  1. Spinach
    • Remember Popeye? Well, the jacked sailor would have sported an awesome beard if he had the patience for it. Spinach is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and protein, so it provides a good mix of nutrients for hair and a healthy beard growth.
  2. Biotin
    • Biotin is a vitamin found in liver, soybeans, legumes, bananas, whole grains, mushrooms, cauliflower, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts. Biotin can boost your body’s keratin production, which may boost your body’s ability to grow hair and grow a beard faster.
  3. Eggs
    • Eggs are rich in biotin, protein, and minerals. They’re versatile, cheap, and they deserve a place of their own on this list and in your meals.
  4. Carrots and sweet potatoes
    • Carrots and sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, a substance your body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A stimulates cell growth, which may stimulate your body to make your beard grow faster.
  5. Oysters
    • A great source of protein and zinc, oysters can produce several positive effects if you include them in your diet.

Beard Products For Growth

As we explained throughout this article, there are many elements that influence your ability to grow facial hair. Your genetics are at the top of this list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your body grow a beard faster.

And The Beard Struggle can help you grow an awesome beard that will have you turning heads wherever you go.

You can use our Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask once or twice per week to give your face a good scrubbing, unclogging your pores and stimulating your beard growth.

For daily beard maintenance, you can use our Radiance Beard Wash to eliminate the exfoliated cells, dirt, food, or pollution particles that may be trapped in your beard.

Our Viking Savage Brush is specially designed to stimulate the blood flow around the facial hairs and condition them to grow in the right direction.

And if you want to make your beard look thicker, you can always use our beard oils. The beard oils will protect your beard from the damaging effects of UV light and will nourish the hair follicles.

Want to grow a beard so fast that it will make your friends and foes faint in admiration?

Check out The Beard Struggle’s shop and find the tools you need to make your beard the envy of your bearded brethren.

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