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Microfibre Beard Towel

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Double-Edge Razor Replacement Blades

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Beard Tools to Take Your Beard Grooming to the Next Level

Growing a nice beard just isn’t enough for most of us. We want to look and feel our best - to do this you need to invest in some high quality beard tools. If you’re ready to take your face’s best feature to the next level, take a look at some highly effective beard tools.

Best Beard Grooming Tools

It’s a wild world out there these days when it comes to beard products. Lots of companies making outrageous claims without having the knowledge or products to back it up. You probably know that the Beard Struggle takes beard tools seriously, right? Read on to soak in more information about beard tools.

Beard Combs

Beard combs are the most basic of the beard tools but they are also arguably the most necessary. In terms of look, it gives your beard a full appearance. In terms of health, it’s the beard tool that best keeps your beard hair growing in the proper direction. As an added bonus, your beard loves it when that new oil is evenly distributed on your beard - it’s hard to top the beard comb as the ultimate beard tool.

Beard Trimming Tools

Depending on your length and style preferences, you may be looking for a tool to trim your beard. ​The Beard Struggle’s steel-cut sharpened premium beard trimming shears are intelligently crafted to meet every beard style and trimming need. So if you’re looking to add to your beard tool kit, look no further.

Beard Shaping Tools

So you’ve grown the beard, now you’re looking for the right beard tools to shape it. Did you know that trimming shears can be helpful for the area around the mouth as well as for stray hairs coming off the cheeks? Additionally, a comb is always a useful beard tool for shaping. In fact, our Viking Black Steel Trimming Kit contains not only trimming shears but a comb and blade!

Beard Care Tips

Maintaining a routine of applying beard oil and balm to freshly washed facial hair is a huge plus. But stocking your bathroom with the highest quality beard tools on the market can also take your beard to the next level. Every beard owner needs to have the following beard tools - trimmer, comb, and brush. Regularly using these beard tools will put your beard in pole position to be the best beard it can be!