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How to Brush your Beard - Daily Care for the Bearded Man

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Daily Beard Grooming is a meticulous art that takes time every day to make your beard look and feel healthy. A lot of people these days think that a man who grows a beard is lazy. They think that you take no care in your appearance and just stopped trying. I can hear the men with beards – eyes start to roll. Let’s face it, “With Great Beard comes Great responsibility”. Yeah, I know, kind of cheesy. However, this could not be more inaccurate. Just from the video you will notice that it took 13b minutes to just do the bare minimum (trust me, so much more was done after that). We, the bearded community will show, that being bearded does not make you lazy and this is the daily regiment every bearded man should use, to rebuke those beardless naysayers out there.

The Tools:

Viking Savage Brush

Model V Type Comb

CALA Wet N Silky Detangling Hair Brush

Cala: Wet-n-Silky Brush

Detangling your hair

Detangling your Beard is very important. This is why you need a Boar-hair brush. It is also important to buy a brush that has long enough bristles that will part the hair as it brushes. Another factor that is great about a Boar-hair brush is that it exfoliates the beard. This cleans the individual beard strands of hair and strips off all the film from the environment. Furthermore, it is like a toothbrush where it can help to remove some of the flaky dry skin and oils from your skin that build up a residue around the hair follicles.

Balm and Oil Your Beard

Oiling your beard is important. The sebaceous glands in your face will only create so much sebum. However, why is Sebum important. Sebum keeps the hair and skin moisturized. Additionally, sebum serves other important purposes, including maintaining the skin's flexibility and acting as a barrier to protect the skin from bacterial and fungal infections. As such, as your beard grows it will pull the Sebum away from the beard follicles to keep the beard moist. Think of the effects of dropping a paper towel on s pill. Watch how it draws away the moisture from the surface it is on. However, that is where Beard products like Beard Balm and Beard Oil are important. They provide moisture to replenish what was lost absorbing into your beard. Additionally, the provide nutrients and help to control the hair on your face.

Brush the Oils through your Beard

Once you have applied the Balm to your face you need to pull it through your beard. The best way is to use tools like a Beard Comb or a Brush. You should keep brushing until the oils are evenly incorporated into your beard. If you need more, then apply more. You can also shape your beard during this step. If you are using a beard balm then it has Beeswax and will provide some control to your beard; use that to your advantage.

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