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Seax Double-Edge Safety Razor

4.6 Average rating



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Double-Edge Razor Replacement Blades


Embrace the Viking legacy with the Seax Double Edge Razor, inspired by the Norse utility tool renowned for its versatility.

This razor isn't just a grooming tool; it's a tribute to efficiency and precision. With its perfectly balanced brass handle and rust-resistant design, it promises effortless, clean shaves every time.

Say goodbye to irritation, heavy blades, and costly replacements.

The Seax offers a superior shave for all hair types, ensuring your face remains as sharp as a Viking's blade. Ready for the smoothest shave of your life?

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12 Reviews

4.6 Average rating

TBS product review

Mark Scoggin

"Great razor. Love it. The..."

Great razor. Love it. The stand had some damage to it when it came in. Looks like it fell on some gravel or something but still a solid stand. Solid razor. Would recommend to anyone that needs a good touch up razor for close shave. Overall 5 stars.

TBS product review

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US review country flagUnited States

Sep 28, 2022

Daniel Ozga

"It's good ..."

It's good

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US review country flagUnited States

Jun 05, 2023

Andrew J chisholm

"Nice and heavy razor 🪒 t..."

Nice and heavy razor 🪒 that makes you slow down when shaving as it's well razor sharp🙄. Seriously though this is a great razor and the wee stand is awesome too

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US review country flagUnited States

May 12, 2023

Frazer Kinvig

"Does exactly as expected,..."

Does exactly as expected, but take extra care if you shave the back of your head!

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GB review country flagUnited Kingdom

Jan 06, 2023


"A nice solid double edge ..."

A nice solid double edge razor, the weight makes finding that perfect balance, and a clean shave a lot easier. Only my second Saftey razor, but so far the best! My only downside is within one use the paint/colouring has started to peel of. I expected it to last longer than that.

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GB review country flagUnited Kingdom

Nov 19, 2022