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Oseberg Travel Bag

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Just like a sword should be kept in a scabbard or sheath, resting but ready to be unleashed at any given moment.

Introducing, the Oseberg Travel Bag!

Named after a famous Viking ship, this luxurious, XXL bag is perfect for carrying and keeping your beard products (they’ll last longer too).

It looks slick, it feels smooth, and it will confirm your status as a badass beardsman Vikings man.


  • Zipper with a waterproof compartment
  • 45% bigger than the previous model
  • Easy to carry handle

Not only that, but this leather bag is made from the most robust and durable leather on the market!

Crazy Horse Leather is full-grained cowhide leather coated with a special wax that gives it qualities that are different from any other type of leather.

This leather will stay durable and water-resistant while aging with perfection for years to come.

Approximate size: 28cm х 13cm х 13 cm (11 x 5.11 x 5.11 inches)

Leather Type: Full Grained Cowhide (crazy horse leather)



Oseberg Travel Bag

28cm х 13cm х 13 cm (11 x 5.11 x 5.11 inches)

Full Grained Cowhide (crazy horse leather

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gregor l.

ATUnited States

Apr 02, 2022

"The One for All Bag"

In dieser Toilett Tasche hat nicht nur mein gesamtes thebeardstruggle sortiment platz, sondern auch zahnbürste, zahnpasta, deo, etc. Ein wahres Wunder!!!

TBS product review

dave g.

GBUnited States

Sep 06, 2021


This bag is amazing, the bag fits all my products in and this is including my new beard struggle Straightener 💪

TBS product review

frédéric c.

FRUnited States

Jul 05, 2021

"Tout prendre pour le voyage "

La taille de cette petite sacoche est impressionnante on peut prendre tout le nécessaire à barbe qu’on a besoin lorsqu’on part en vacances

TBS product review

james k.

USUnited States

May 13, 2021

"War Bag"

Absolutely love this bag, heavy duty, larger capacity. It holds all me Beard Struggle products with room to spare.

TBS product review

justin f.

USUnited States

May 13, 2021

"Amazing "

Love my War Bag! Great to keep all my products in and love the texture of it! Awesome purchase!

TBS product review
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