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MVB 1 Year Anniversary Tee

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This t-shirt marks the 1-year anniversary of The Midgard Vikings Brotherhood, but more than that, this t-shirt symbolizes the struggles that many men out there have gone through in the past years.

The world has gone through an incredible shift, and this has been felt very deeply by men across the globe because society wants us to be the strong ones and the ones to keep everything inside. Not sharing on time has taken a massive toll on the mental health of men all over the world, therefore, the brotherhood was created, to give men all over the world an outlet to share things they can’t share with people in their homes, friend, or their circles, whether is for fear of being judged or fear of scaring those close to them.

This brotherhood is an outlet for every man who has given it a chance, sharing with brothers on equal ground lightens the burden of the heart and mind, and through the practice of being there for one another is that we not only provide a safe environment to decompress and improve our mental wellbeing, but we have the chance to help a brother before the pressure gets the best of them.

The Midgard Vikings Brotherhood is here for you, like it is for our 1000+ members across the world every day, let’s celebrate it and continue to build this community that quite literally… SAVES LIVES.


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pawel m.

Verified by

GBUnited States

Apr 30, 2023

"Perfect fit, fantastic de..."

Perfect fit, fantastic design! Looks awesome on me

TBS product review
TBS product review

pawel m.

Verified by

USUnited States

Apr 13, 2023

"One of my favourite tshir..."

One of my favourite tshirt, fitting well, awesome design! Absolutely love it. Hopefully some more tshirts like that will come from The Beard Struggle

TBS product review
TBS product review

micheal f.

Verified by

USUnited States

Aug 22, 2022

"Fantastic t shirt love th..."

Fantastic t shirt love the design, great representation of Midgard Vikings Brotherhood. Great quality material used, great value for money.

TBS product review
TBS product review

brian b.

Verified by

USUnited States

Jul 09, 2024

"Comfortable and fits grea..."

Comfortable and fits great!

cam r.

Verified by

CAUnited States

Nov 02, 2022

"Great shirt symbolizing a..."

Great shirt symbolizing a great cause. Mean mental health is important and this shirt signifies that with a brotherhood, no man is alone.

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