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Kylver Comb

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Step back in time with the Kylver Comb, your gateway to authentic Viking beard care.

Inspired by the historic Vimose comb, this tool isn't just for grooming—it's a piece of history. Crafted to clean, detangle, and distribute oils, the Kylver comb tackles everything from dandruff to ingrown hairs, ensuring your beard is battle-ready.

With its wooden teeth and runic inscriptions, it's designed for the modern warrior who values legacy over convenience. Don't settle for less; upgrade to the Kylver and embrace the Viking pride in every stroke.

Your beard deserves the best, and with this comb, you'll feel the strength of centuries running through your hands.

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119 Reviews

4.9 Average rating

TBS product review
TBS product review


"So simple, yet so perfect!"

You would think this is just a simple comb, but da*n! Goes trough my beard as a champ and doesn't rip any hairs with it on the way!

TBS product review

NO review country flagNorway

Jun 23, 2021 - Updated at: Feb 10, 2024


"Great quality also great ..."

Great quality also great use for longer and bigger beards

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US review country flagUnited States

May 21, 2023

John Cormier

"It has made my beard soft..."

It has made my beard soft and manageable again

TBS product review

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US review country flagUnited States

Aug 18, 2023

Kurt Middleton

"Great feel to it easy to ..."

Great feel to it easy to use

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US review country flagUnited States

Jan 02, 2024

Pawel Maciejewski

"This is the best comb I e..."

This is the best comb I ever had

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GB review country flagUnited Kingdom

Dec 03, 2023