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Gentleman Scarf

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Elevate your style and conquer the cold with The Beard Struggle's "Gentleman's Scarf." Crafted for the modern Viking, this premium accessory adds sophistication and warmth to your look. Make a bold statement with this exclusive addition to your beard care essentials
  • 50% Viscose
  • 28% Nylon
  • 22% PBT
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2 Reviews

5 Average rating

Pawel Maciejewski

"Perfect for cold days"

Great looking scarf, soft and cosy material. Well don TBS

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GB review country flagUnited Kingdom

Feb 23, 2024



I'm not a huge fan of scarves. I have a couple and only break them out when it's REALLY cold. This one, however, seems to be woven from the hairs of Freyja's own head and warmed by Thor's righteous fury. But, really. Scarves have always been a last resort due to how rough they tend to be. They are too uncomfortable to justify the little warmth they provide. This one is so soft to the touch that I don't want to take it off even when it's no longer cold enough to necessitate such an accessory.

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US review country flagUnited States

Feb 23, 2024