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Kings Fury Deluxe Bundle

4.7 Average rating



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Step into sovereignty with the "Kings Fury Deluxe Bundle," a curated selection designed to enhance your grooming ritual:

  • Body Wash: Start with an invigorating, royal cleanse that refreshes and revitalizes.
  • All-Natural Deodorant: Confidence in a bottle—ensure all-day freshness and poise.
  • Concentrated Cologne: A sophisticated scent that leaves a lasting, powerful impression.
  • Beard & Mustache Wax: Tame and style your facial hair, embodying the essence of beard royalty.

This bundle is your key to a majestic presence, blending sophistication with the power of natural ingredients. Elevate your grooming, embrace your majesty, and unleash your regal potential.

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3 Reviews

4.7 Average rating

John Morris

"Loved everything in this ..."

Loved everything in this bundle. I was not a fan of the beard wax as it didn't have the kings fury scent at all.

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US review country flagUnited States

Feb 16, 2024

Igor Orescanin

"This is definitely my sec..."

This is definitely my second favourite scent. The company has an amazing products and scents and I will be a forever customer

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US review country flagUnited States

Feb 13, 2024

Rene Berntsen

"Nicely smells "

it keeps the beard 👍👍🍷

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DK review country flagDenmark

Feb 15, 2024