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Mystery Fabric Spray🎁

Embrace Viking Valor in Every Spray.

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It smells awesome! I would definitely buy again.

- Steven G, Verified Customer



Discover the essence of Viking valor with The Beard Struggle's Viking Fabric Spray. This potent blend combines the mystique of ancient forests with the bold spirit of the Vikings, transforming any fabric into a beacon of strength and spirit.

Ideal for refreshing your living space or personal items, this spray infuses your environment with an invigorating aura of adventure and resilience.

Perfect for those who desire to surround themselves with the energy of ancient warriors and the tranquility of nature, it's not just a scent—it's a journey back in time, empowering you to command any room.

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josh k.

Verified by

USUnited States

Apr 14, 2024

"Another product that they..."

Another product that they forgot to put the scent in. There is no quality control at this company.

pawel m.

Verified by

USUnited States

Apr 12, 2024

"It came as a freebie and ..."

It came as a freebie and I must say that is the best freebie I ever received. Scent is amazing, I've been using this on my couch in lounge it smell incredible! Once It came for the general sale I've bought some more of that. Highly recommended

travis s.

Verified by

USUnited States

Apr 10, 2024

"Use it all the time smell..."

Use it all the time smells great

raymond o.

Verified by

USUnited States

Apr 03, 2024

"Makes clothes smell goo..."

Makes clothes smell good.

bryan f.

Verified by

USUnited States

Mar 26, 2024

"Cool for like 10 mins the..."

Cool for like 10 mins then goes away

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Frequent Questions

What makes The Beard Struggle's Viking Fabric Spray a must-have for fans of TBS fragrances?

This fabric spray brings your favorite TBS fragrances into your everyday spaces, allowing you to refresh fabrics with the scents you love.

Can it be used on any fabric?

Yes, though it's wise to do a spot test on delicate or light-colored fabrics first.

How is the spray used?

Shake gently, spray from 6-8 inches away, and let the fabric dry.

How long does the scent last?

Scent longevity varies but generally lasts from several hours to a day.

Is it safe around pets and children?

Yes, but use in well-ventilated areas and keep out of their reach.