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Hyper-Realistic and Easy to Wash Off.

Upgrade your beard game with our beard filler pen and benefit from:

  • Natural, Full Coverage:  Provides natural-looking results that seamlessly blend with your beard.
  • Precision Application:  Allows for detailed styling and accurate filling.
  • Long-Lasting Wear:  Made with safe, natural ingredients for all skin types.
  • Skin-Friendly Formula:  Provides natural-looking results that seamlessly blend with your beard.
  • Portable and Convenient:  Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.
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Achieve your dream beard with precision and create a thicker, fuller-looking beard in seconds with Baldr’s Beard Pen.

It lets you fill in any patchy areas, define and sculpt your beard, and thicken its appearance effortlessly.

Almost 40% of men deal with the frustration of patchy facial hair. Our beard and mustache pen lets you get the look you want now without having to wait months to see if it will grow in.

Plus it’s sweat-resistant and waterproof, meaning it stays in place all day and night!

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Why Use Baldr’s Beard Pen?

This beard patch filler pen is designed to give you a thicker fuller looking beard effortlessly. Here’s how it can help you:


Easy to Use

Simple and convenient for everyday use.


Natural Finish

Matches beard color for an undetectable look.


Skin Friendly

Natural ingredients, safe for all skin types.


Color Inclusive

Achieve a clean, detailed look easily.


Instant Results

Quickly densifies beard, covering gaps.


Precision Tip

Enables detailed styling and precise lines.



Small design for on-the-go touch-ups.



Professional results without salon prices.

How to Use Our Beard Filler Pen?

How They Work


Get Set Up

Remove the applicator from the base and dab a small amount of powder onto the applicator.


Draw Hair Strokes

Use the brush to create life-like hair strokes around the thin or patchy areas.


Final Touch-Up

Give it all a final check to make sure it’s even and symmetrical and enjoy your fuller-looking hair!


Before & After: Marvel at the Nordic Beard Rebirth

Discover how our beard touch-up pen revitalizes your beard, creating a fuller, more vibrant look. Check out our stunning before and after photos.

Customer Reviews


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eric s.

Verified by

USUnited States

Jul 09, 2024

"Used it to blend some of ..."

Used it to blend some of my grey hair.

gediminas j.

Verified by

USUnited States

Jul 08, 2024

"I do not need him..."

I do not need him

vishal m.

Verified by

USUnited States

Jun 07, 2024

"Doesn't blend well and co..."

Doesn't blend well and cost alot of money for such as small product.

cj e.

Verified by Shopify

USUnited States

Jul 15, 2024

"Beard pen "

Amazing product. Definitely a game changer in making my beard line darker and fuller. Have used beard struggle for over a year now and every product exceeded expectations.

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Master the Art of Beard Perfection

Unlock the secret to a fuller, more defined beard with Baldr's Beard Pen from The Beard Struggle. Crafted for precision and ease of use , our beard filler pen helps you achieve your desired look effortlessly by filling in patchy areas and enhancing your beard's appearance.

Have any questions? Contact us we’re here to provide all the details about the product and why it’s an essential addition to your kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fill gaps in a beard?

Fill those pesky gaps with beard paint filler for men. Our product, Baldr's Beard Pen, is designed specifically to address sparse areas, giving you a fuller and more defined beard. Regular use of the pen enhances the overall appearance of your beard, ensuring you maintain a strong and confident look like the true warrior you are.

How to use a beard filler pen?

To master the art of using the filler pen, start with a clean, dry beard. Outline the areas you want to fill or define with the precision tip. Apply the product in light, short strokes, following the natural direction of your beard growth. Blend with a brush to ensure a seamless, natural look.

How long does beard filler pen last?

Our filler provides long-lasting coverage, typically lasting up to 48 hours. Its waterproof and sweat-resistant formula ensures your beard stays full and defined throughout the day, no matter the challenges you face. Stay bold and confident with a beard that lasts.

Does beard filler wash off?

Yes, our beard filler can be easily washed off with water and a gentle facial cleanser. It's crafted to provide durable coverage throughout your day, yet it allows for easy removal during your nightly grooming ritual. Enjoy the confidence of a full beard, knowing it washes away effortlessly.

Is the filler suitable for sensitive skin?

Definitely. Our filler is made with skin-friendly ingredients, including natural components like beeswax and vitamin E. It's gentle and effective, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Experience the comfort and confidence of a well-groomed beard without irritation.

What colors are available?

Our beard pencil filler comes in multiple shades, including black, dark brown, and medium brown. This variety ensures you can find a color that closely matches your natural beard, providing a seamless and natural look. Choose your shade and enhance your beard’s fullness.