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Medium Length Beard Care and Tips

Looking for the best tips to care for and maintain a ​medium length beard? You’ve come to the right place. You’re a little longer than the average beard but you’re not quite at that massive point where your beard has its own zip code. That’s okay, bearded brother, we’ve got you covered with a couple of tips for medium length beard care.

Beard Care for Medium Length Beards

Whether you’re perfectly happy with your medium length beard or you want to add more depth and length to it, you’re going to want to use beard oil and balm on a regular basis. Make combing or brushing your medium length beard a daily ritual and always follow it with your favorite Beard Struggle beard oil scent. A daily routine like this will make sure your medium length beard is clean, looking sharp, and, most importantly, is very healthy.
Washing your beard with our beard wash once or twice a week is the best way to make your medium length beard look its best. Always follow your wash with our Beard Struggle conditioner to prevent flakes from forming.

Medium Length Beard Styles

Perhaps medium length beards are the most common length so there’s plenty of options out there to choose from. Maybe growth is no problem for you and you seemingly roll out of bed each morning with the perfect amount of scruff.
Perhaps you want a little more shape and style to your medium length beard so you’ll trim your sides short and thin with the length coming off your chin.
Bottom line, there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling medium length beard. So let’s read on about how exactly to style your medium length beard.

How to Style a Medium Length Beard

Your medium length beard is freshly washed and conditioned. You’ve got your comb, brush, and beard oil ready. All that’s left is to decide on the style. If you want the full beard look, you can get creative by cutting your sideburns and just letting them grow naturally into the side of your medium length beard.
Speaking of sideburns (a critical player when it comes to styling your medium length beard, turns out!), you can axe them completely, keeping that part of your face clear of hair. Next, disconnect your mustache from your medium length beard for a cleverly disjointed, yet harmonious, look.
Bottom line, your medium length beard gives you loads of options for styling. Just make sure you have the proper tools to help make your medium length beard the best it can be!