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by Fran O'Reilly October 09, 2016


As the seasons begin to change, and the cold winter months are soon to be upon us it's vitally important that you continue to upkeep your beard grooming reshime. Although waking up at the crack of dawn each and every morning to go tackle the day ahead it's easy to forget to take a few minutes aside to give a little TLC to your marvelous facial forest, so here's a few simple quick tips to help keep your beard looking at its best during the autumn...


One of the easiest parts of grooming ones beard is to simply take the time aside to comb through it, loosening away any knots and troublesome tangled areas you might have. I do this each morning before I apply any product, just to make the application of any beard oils or balms I use a little easier when doing so. Using either a wide toothed comb or a firm brush will usually work a treat, or better still try one of our limited edition beard combs!


Just like you would any other morning, applying a generous helping or beard oils or balms will help lock in all the goodness your beard needs for the day ahead. I find with these cooler winterish months creeping in on the quiet that sometimes the colder mornings can bring my beard to a soggy wet mess thanks to the humidity levels. which usually has me opting in to use balms in place of oils which tend to withstand such weather a little better. It's very easy to think against using such products when the humidity is high, but despite the weather your beard will still highly benefit from you choosing to use them, so be sure to stick with it, Brother.


It's very important throughout the year to maintain a neat and tidy cheek line. If you do not keep this in shape your beard will soon appear to look scruffy and unkempt, which is not a look anyone is going for. Just a few minutes every week or so dedicated to neatening up your cheeks will not only be easy to maintain, but it'll also grant you a much more visibly defining beard. So it's a win win situation however you choose to look at it.


I often get asked what should you do when it comes to maintaining a tidy neckline. The simple answer is to not worry too much about it, if at all. If like me you're growing out a larger fuller beard once your facial hair reaches a certain length your neck becomes barely visible, in turn making grooming that area a rather pointless task. If however you are keeping your facial hair a tad shorter then a little grooming in that area might be necessary. My advice here would be not to shave your neckline too high, as this is a common mistake that many people make in the belief that this'll in turn give the impression of a fuller jaw line. When in fact it gives off rather the opposite. If you are at all unsure on how to do this yourself, my strong advice would be to leave this to the pros and visit your local beard barber who knows exactly what they are doing.


When I begin to talk about trimming the beard even I feel a little uneasy, but a light trim every now and again is rather essential. Split ends happen, and not only are they rather ugly on the eye, but they'll also slow you down dead in your tracks if you're trying to grow out a fuller looking beard. Keeping your beards sideburns and shape in check will also add to the over all appearance of your beards length. Trust me, I was so untrusting of allowing anyone near my beard up until a few months ago. But after paying my local beard barbers a visit it was soon clear to see the real benefits of having a professional beard groom.

Well, that sees another beard blog come to a close for today folks. As always please leave us your thoughts and feedback in the comments section kindly provided below. If you have any particular beard related topics you'd like to see us cover in future blog posts then let us know!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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