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Good day my fellow beardy friends and furry faced admirers, I hope you are fully enjoying your weekend and making the utmost of your Saturday! Today, I wanted to take a look and when is it the right time to start looking after your stubbly beard with a good helping of beard oils and balms, and give you a better understanding of the real benefits of using such products within your beard moving forward, as we discuss 'When Should You Start To Use Beard Oils And Balms?'...


Truth be told it is never too soon to start looking after your face fuzz, regardless of it's age and/or length. Your beard requires a certain balance of hydration throughout the skin to produce the finest facial hair possible. And the easiest way to achieve this is to take good care of both your skin and your stubble-beard. Keep your face clean and flake free when possible and choose yourself a premium quality beard oil and balm to use, (much like our exclusive 'TBS' range!) as in doing so these products help lock in essential moisture on the skins surface, whilst softening your usually rigid beard follicles providing a level of protection from dry spots usually caused from the day to day elements, whilst making your beard much easier and more manageable to control. Then once you have started using beard oils and balms it's vitally important that you continue to do so, trust me, if your beard could talk it would certainly thank you for it and most likely buy you a beer too.


When it comes to beard oils Vs. beard balms it really comes down to your personal preference, as they both work in a similar way, only I find beard balms grant you a little more control of a wild out of control beard in comparison to beard oils. So if like me, your beard likes to live life on the wild side you might find balms work out better than the oils do, although I do opt in to use both, just not at the same time, although doing so works just fine also. It's really about finding what works best for both you and your beard and executing the routine each and every day. As what works great for one beard might not be the answer for another. As remember kids, no two beards are ever the same.


When all's said and done and the votes are checked, counted and verified both beard oils and beard balms win for me. Why does it have to be oil Vs. balm? When you can happily have both! Rather than choose one over another I recommend you reap the benefits of using both, as they are equally beneficial to the wellbeing of your beard. And when should you start? right away! It's handy to follow a good routine. The important part of owning such products is just that you use them daily, as without beard oils & balms your face forest will soon begin to suffer in the long run. Dry, weaker than usual hair patches will quickly form, itchy flakey skin will soon follow, all of which can be quickly eliminated by following a good beard grooming routine with premium products. So, stock up, put up and treat your furry face to the finest beard care range known to man. We promise you won't be disappointed.

There goes another beard blog for today my fellow beardies and followers. If you have a deep seeded beard related question you've been itching to ask, or would just like to leave us a welcoming 'Hello!' in the comments section we highly approve that you do so in the comments box you'll find provided below!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...