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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello and a jolly good day to all of out TBS beard blog readers, we sure hope this blog greets you well as we continue to provide you with the finest beard care tips, tricks, and hacks right to your email inbox.

So, let us begin with today's topic, which is titled - When Is It The Right Time To Trim Your Beard, If At All?...

Now, the thought of trimming away your beloved beard can seem rather daunting to many, but in fact, a light trim every now and again can really help your beard game.

As in doing so, you are snipping out any split ends, dry tips and knots that might have formed, granting a more evenly balanced growth of facial hair to continue to grow.

Of course, some men choose to have shorter styled facial hair, in place of those of us who prefer a bigger fuller beard, so personal preference also comes into play here too.

But if for example, you are maintaining a fuller beard, you might think that trimming is not all that important to you, after all, you are trying to grow the biggest beard in the world, but learned from experience, a nice trim can really and better shape to your face fuzz, and grant a fuller beard appearance as well.

If you let your facial hair gro wild and unkempt, it can give your beard a scruffy look about itself, with thinning tips, and higher levels of split ends, which is never a good look to have.

But just how frequently should you consider trimming your facial hair? And what are the signs that it might be time to brave the shave?

If your beard hairs start to appear dry and lifeless and the very tips, that's a clear cut sign that a trim is in order. If left your facial hair will soon thin and looks a total mess.

But how's best to tackle a fuzzy face? Can you do it at home or would you prefer going to a beard barbers for a professional cut? Again this comes down to personal preference.

When I first started growing out my beard I couldn't trust myself trimming my beard myself, the main reason for this was because I had a trimming disaster in the early stages which left me with no other choice other than to shave off my beard and start again from scratch.

This actually reduced me to snot bubble man tears when the realization of my mistake began to sin in. all that hard work, time and efforts were crying back at me from my bathroom sink. Devastated.

So, I chose to visit the beard barbers, but I found after only a handful of visits over the months I learned how to correctly tackle a light trim, as my confidence began to grow I practiced how to do this more safely, and here's the real trick...Take your damn time.

It's not a race, one bad snip with those scissors or a miss swipe with that beard trimmer and it's all over in a flash. Whereas if you go slow and steady only removing a snip at a time you'll become more confident and trusting in your own abilities, lowering your chances of making anything irreversible.

Of course, if you don't feel like this is something you would like to do, then always play things safe and go to the pros. These guys do this for a living, so as long as your clear on what you're wanting, you should always be chuffed with the results.

Another tip, which seems sensible enough to mention, is NEVER trim your beard following one too many beers, always wait until the morning, I've had so many messages from folks saying I messed up my beard when I was drunk, HELP!

When we drink it can knock our better judgment off balance, and what seems like a smart idea actually isn't. So don't clown when it comes to taking care of your beard, Bro.

So, there goes today's topic at hand, as always please reach out in the comments section you'll find directly below this post.

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And until next time, Beard on Brother...

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