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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

The Itching will stop

Beard Itch

I never really had a problem in this department. I have always kept my face clean because I would sweat a lot and did not like how sweat and dirt made my skin feel. Then, after the first week I used coconut oil and beard balm to keep skin from drying out. However, It did leave my face feeling oily so that is when I decided to do some more research into “Proper” beard care. Here is what I found:


Wash Your Beard

It is important to note that cleansing your face daily to two times daily will help to rid your face of dead skin cells, oil and dirt. This will give your face a good foundation and will help those little hairs push up like dandelions in July. Additionally, exfoliating your face at least once a week will allow those stubborn stubbles to break through uninhibited. Please note, Dermatologists recommend to not exceed exfoliating your face more than twice a week.


Before Beard Balm and After Beard Balm

Conditioning your face is paramount to avoiding beard itch. You do not have to be a endure the maddening that is Beard Itch. Additionally, this will become a daily ritual in beard maintenance, so start early and start your regiment right. One of the issues with shaving is that it is the perfect way to create a razor-sharp edge, to those beard hairs that is. So How do you dull those blades we call hair? You need to soften the hair to make it do as it is told and grow like the weed it is. Not to mention, beard balms and butters are chalked full of nutrients that were designed to promote beard growth. So, you are really doing your beard and your sanity a favor by investing in these products. As I mentioned in my article, “What My Beard has Taught Me – Week Two” I use my balm every morning to maintain my beard and rid my beard of the “Bed-beard” that I get.


No I am not telling you to run out there and buy a bottle or Jorgen’s and start slathering on those Man-whiskers of yours. However, another important regiment to beard care and getting the most out of your Man-mane is to apply beard oil to your skin. Now, the beard struggle recommends to apply your oil midday. This is because, for the most obvious of reasons, that is a lot of oil if you are applying beard balm first thing in the morning. However, as the day progresses and the environment beats your beard to a pulp, you will need to maintain the moisture on your face to avoid beard dandruff or Beardruff, and the itchiness associated with growing a beard. I still occasionally will get a little itchy if I neglect my face for too long. We all have those days where you have deadlines, your boss is breathing down your neck, and you need to cram a 20-hour project into just under six hours. Trust me, I have three bosses not just one. As such, I like to keep my beard oil in my pocket for such an occasion.

Every Beard is different

Every Beard is Different

Some men can grow a man-mane that not even a chainsaw will overpower, while others will only have a few thin patchy whiskers sprout up in remote areas.

Testosterone Grows beards

Indirectly, testosterone will help grow your beard. I have discussed in previous articles that this is mainly due to testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT is what kick-starts your journey from boyhood to manhood. It is this androgen hormone that tells your face to start growing hair.

Are you overweight?

Are you Overweight with a beard?

You may have pondered that you have a testosterone deficiency and that is why your beard does not grow as fast and your buddies beard. However, you may not be suffering from low testosterone or Low-T, you may just need to shed a few pounds or do some exercise to bump your levels up. Studies have shown that overweight men, especially around the mid-section have a reduced enzyme called 5-alpha reductase (5AR) which helps to convert testosterone into DHT.

Exercise boosts Testosterone

Beard Muscles

It is no secret that the healthier you are the better your body is at a myriad of things to include cell regeneration and stronger hair follicles. As such, going to the gym and working out at least three times a week will boost your testosterone, shed fat and promote 5AR to convert Testosterone to DHT, thus your beard will grow.

You may have different Genetics

In the first episode, of my Beard Saga, I talked about how genetics affect your sensitivity to testosterone. You may produce a lot of testosterone. However, your body may not know what to do with it, yet. Do not despair, some men cannot grow a beard until they are much older. Even more sad, some men may not be able to grow a beard at all. We salute you Mr. Beardless Baby-faced Man.

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