The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

It is official, that dude at work who hasn't shaved in a few days that displays a face full of what appears to be rather itchy stubble actually has a beard.

Stubble has officially made it into the 2017 beard style books and continues to flourish both in popularity and upon many men's faces by the day. Smartly labelled as 'designer stubble' by the masses, a face full of half arsed whiskers is now considered to be rather sexy by our female counterparts, with many women who were asked admitting to being rather attracted to the scruffy rugged appearance.

But, how has stubble become so popular all of a sudden? Could it be because it is about as much as one can grow before having to shave once more for work again on the Monday morning? Or maybe it is because after a bout of sickness that stubble you have mustered up on your face actually looks pretty damn good, so you decided to maintain the stubble look rather than hack it off with your usual trusty razor. Whatever it might be it seems as though more and more men are choosing to stick with their newfound stubbly appearance.

Although many men may start off their beard journey by adapting to a little stubble, more often than not many of us continue to grow out our face whiskers until they reach a suitable length to be labelled a ''proper beard''. Now I'm not purposely trying to poke fun at those who choose to rock out those minimal whiskers, but it is important to remember if you can still spy your skin through your fuzz the chances are it ain't all that much of a beard in many folks opinion.

That doesn't mean we should discourage those who grow out with stubble, as it is a perfectly acceptable platform to start off from. Given a few more weeks/months of dedication to the 'growing game' and a little help of some 'TBS' beard balm and oil and your face fuzz will flourish into awesome in what will seem like next to no time.

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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