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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hold your horses, you did read the headline correctly, I know what you are thinking, this guy must have been drunk, high or a just a tad crazy to make such a statement, but no, he's a man of god, after all...

According to the Russian branch version of the Christian Church, Metropolitan Kornily believes that beards can protect you from being homosexual. The homophobic priest truly believes that growing a beard and refusing to shave can protect you from being gay.

He explained at a recent gathering of local press and people that men should stop shaving to ‘protect themselves from homosexuality’. He claims facial hair makes a man far less likely to be ‘corrupted’ by a possible same sex relationship, Well, according to The Moscow Times news that is.

The current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin had previously backed and supported Kornily in his previous ventures.

In his rather homophobic and hateful rant Kornily stated - ‘God gave us the rules to follow, it is written that God created everyone with a beard. We can not imagine Christ or some saint without a beard. One should not oppose its creator''.

He also went on to further explain that beard’s special status' have ‘completely disappeared from the Catholic West as we know it.’

What we cannot help but find rather ironic is that good ol' Mr Putin has always appeared on his outings with a shaven face, although Kornily has not, as of yet publicly condemned or even slightly hinted any word or comment in regards to this. Yet.

His words sound like they come straight from the crazy house as he has no solid evidence of a furrys faces' apparent ‘protective’ magical god like powers.

To give a little backward insight Russia’s Old Believers split from the Orthodox Church way back in 1666 after protesting against strict reforms made by Patriarch Nikon of Moscow. Vladimir Putin was the first head of state to visit an Old Believer church in 350 years when he visited the RSPC Rogozinsky spiritual center in Moscow just earlier this year, which caused slight controversy at the time of his visit to say the least.

After reading several new reported articles regarding this story, I had to pause for thought as I scratched my head in sheer disbelief. For any man, woman or child to believe that growing a beard will stop you from expressing you sexual orientation are simply deluded. Homosexuality is not a disease or a bug that you can catch, it is a part of your being, who of who you are and who you choose to be. No amount of face fluff can hide away this fact and nor should it either.

The world sure gets a little bit crazier day by day, here's hoping that such homophobic headlines are the brainchild of only a few, otherwise stop this crazy train, I want to get off.

That sees today's Monday morning musings come to a sweet close, as always if you have any beardy related questions or possibly a blog topic suggestion to make then please make yourself known in the comments section you will find so kindly provide right below this very post.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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