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My Beard Does not Grow Evenly – A Guide on Patchy Beards

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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

For every man out there somewhere with a beard he has or has had an issue growing his beard. Very rarely do men just wake up and everything starts and ends well. As is with most things in life, nothing goes off without a hitch. That is why the Military invented Fragmentary Orders or as we like to call it, FRAGOs. A FRAGO is defined as a Directive or Order that changes or modifies parts or fragments of the execution to an existing Operations Order or OPORD.

Don’t Overthink Things

I am having flashbacks to my days at the Sabalauski Air Assault School in Fort Campbell, Kentucky (Home of the 101st Airborne Division). I was standing there during phase two inspecting Sling loads and calling out issues that I found as I found them. I failed the first time around because I called out an issue that was not there. Sometimes when you are tying up a Sling load, things get twisted. It was not an issue as I first expected. As is with most things in life, it is not as bad as it may seem.

"For every man out there somewhere with a beard he has or has had an issue growing his beard. Very rarely do men just wake up and everything starts and ends well."

A lot of the problem, is men see a deficiency in their beard growth and decide that something is automatically wrong. We are always our own worst critic. What I mean by that is, we will judge ourselves more harshly then almost anyone else out there. Well this just in: No one is looking that closely, except you.

Let it grow!

Let it Grow

More likely than not, you have never let your beard get to the point where it is fully developed. You should not be disheartened if you see a few patchy areas on your face. The longer you allow your beard to grow, the less likely those patches will be noticeable. This is because, the longer you allow your beard to grow, the less patchy it will seem as the hairs begin to cross over and grow over the patches.

Additionally, Beards get fuller with age. Men mature at different rates. We all remember the kid in high school who sported a full beard. Meanwhile, some of us are still trying to grow a respectable beard after we’ve finished college. If you’re in the latter group, just remember that beards do get denser as we mature. Patience, my friend, is always a virtue, especially when it comes to growing a beard.


Exfoliate your Beard

If you are having problems with hair just not growing in and you do not have some rare genetic disorder or are old enough that it should be coming in, you should exfoliate your face. The reason why is because dirt, grime, and dead flaky skin collect on your face. Additionally, those new hairs my need help breaking through your skin. Exfoliating will help with all that. Furthermore, you should also be exfoliating your beard with a Boar Hair Beard Brush to strip the hairs of any dirt and/or grime that has collected on them. To find out how to exfoliate your beard and face, follow this link – How to Exfoliate your Face – Skin Care for the Bearded Man.

Groom It

Groom your Beard

If all the rest have failed or in conjunction with the previously listed maybe it just needs to be groomed. Trimming the ends will help to rid the hairs of any split or dead ends. This can cause the hairs to slow down in growth or stop growing all together.

Apply Beard Products

Apply Beard Products

Now you know me, I never push a certain product. I want you be informed not inundate you like a pushy salesman. Use beard balms and beard oils to stimulate beard growth. Those things are chalked full of vitamins and minerals that you are probably lacking in your daily diet.

Now, with that said, not all Beard Products are created equal. Some use synthetic ingredients to fill a bottle, to make them less expensive. You get what you pay for.

I hope this answers your questions and you gained some insight into why thing are the way they are.

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