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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

What does it mean to make something your brand? A brand is so much more than a name. it is not the logo that represent Kellogg or Nike it is the identity that companies like this personify. Think to yourself, when you think of companies like BMW or Starbucks what image springs to mind? It is the quality or purpose that resonates to the consumer. In other words, it is a promise that defines you. To quote a very line from Romeo and Juliet:

“What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell so sweet”

The bard was not talking about branding or advertising, he was illustrating a question of whether a customer would be able to recognize you if no visual aid or logo was available. A brand promise is a symbol that validates who you are. Meanwhile half of you are probably wondering where in the hell I am going on about. Well, I am about to tell you exactly what I mean and how having a business approach to everyday life may help you identify as an individual.

“What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell so sweet”

For myself, I hold a degree in Web Design and Development, and part of my degree program was marketing. The goal was to teach us about the many different ways you can reach customers. Most importantly, how marketing or lack thereof could affect the overall success of your business. They pounded into our brains about customer reach, and how your Brand promise could increase or decrease your customer base.

Bearded Older Model

Your Beard your Identity

Now that we have gotten Business Marketing 101 out of the way, how does that relate to your beard? To most men these days that sport a beard, your beard is your identity. Most people who see you as you stroll the halls at your place of employment, instantly recognize you. Your beard is unique. From the shape to the grooming standards, it speaks volumes. I wrote an article back in January entitled “BEARD STYLE AND PERSONALITIES - WHAT YOUR BEARD MAY SAY ABOUT YOU?” we discuss the effects of people’s perceptions and how they relate to beards. For most men, a beard is a way to identify to others, who may or may not be confused about gender, that you are in fact a man; that is in fact because only pubescent and post-pubescent men can grow a beard (and maybe some women). Additionally, beards have become to most a symbol. It may signify freedom. For myself, especially, I began growing my beard when I retired from the Military. As such my beard is a symbol of how long I have been out of the military. It signifies that I am no longer constrained by rules and regulation of Military Service. For others, they started growing their beards to signify their defiance to conformity. Stepping away from established acceptable normality and making a statement that you are indeed an individual. Regardless of your reason for growing your face fuzz, own it. Embrace your identity and make it your own.

Quantify Your Beard

Quantify your Beard

Make your Beard measurable. With many brand promises these days, the promise starts to become to many things in an effort to be everything to everyone. In the end, they cannot deliver, and they become nothing to no one. You know the saying, “You cannot please everyone”, this holds true more times then not. You have all bared witness to those men out there who are known as “Yes” men. They never say no and promise the world everything in an attempt to please their bosses. Who ends up suffering? It starts with the employees that they manage at first. Then when they exhaust that resource they become the focus of failed promises and missed deadlines. Their review tanks, and they are no longer employed by the company.

When you think of your beard, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it soft, bushy or long? Furthermore, what do other people Say about your beard? Do they regard it as well groomed, unkempt or shiny? When people see my beard, they remark how shiny and healthy it looks. Most recently, they have remarked that in spite of how long it is that it is very well groomed. They further remark that they usually never see a beard that is both long and looks good. As such, my beard has become a staple, that you can have a beard that is long and looks good. Whereas, before their perceptions of beard prior to meeting me were that only shorter beards look good.

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Make it Meaningful

Beard Cool

This is where a company’s actions speak volumes. As the old saying goes, “Never bite off more than you can chew”. Your actions toward your audience will dictate people’s perceptions. Make a commitment, then stick with it. Constancy is key. In another article entitled “ Beard Business – A Modern Day Beard Struggle ”, I spoke of how perceptions can create generate stereotypes. For example, if your beard is consistently unkept you may be perceived as lazy, lacking etiquette, or are unprofessional. A beard on a man is the first thing people see. Especially if your beard is as long as mine. More so, it is a conversation starter most of the time. A common positive perception is that the longer the beard, the more patience a man has. This is due to the widely held and accurate fact that beards take time to grow. This is why women who are looking to find a life partner, may tend to seek guys with longer beards. The image personified is that you are calculated and patient. This is a very good example of how Beard Brand can help promote a promise to people. As such, think of what message you want to promote. This may take some inward reflection on who you are or who you want to be seen as.

What is your Beard Worth?

My wife has a business. When I developed her marketing strategy the first thing I looked at was what message do we want to tell customers. Her business was making Submarine Sandwiches (Subs). The first question on every consumers mind was in fact, “Why should I choose your Business?” and our answer was simple and effective. The message was, “Good food, better prices, and always homemade”. When you think of that what images come to mind? Is it quality? Or maybe the mention of homemade makes you think of your mother’s home cooking. However, did we deliver on our promise? What was the feedback from our consumers? The answers were yes and our consumers remarked that even though it was more expensive to purchase my wife’s sandwiches, the quality and the flavor were worth the price. This meant that our customers recognized and accepted the cost of quality. I preach all the time that you get what you pay for and this holds true most of the time. However, have you ever purchased something and found out that you purchased an overprices and poor-quality item? Everyone has. That is why you denoted that is was overpriced.

The same can be said about your beard. Are you living up to your beards reputation? Do you consistently maintain your standard of quality? Here is a gauge, how often do people approach you and inquire about how they can have a beard like yours?

Have more questions? We would love to hear from you. Comment on the comment section below or write us on Facebook at: . Hope you enjoyed the article. Until next time, Beard on, Beard Strugglers!

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