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Her Bearded Desire – Are Men with Beards More Desirable to the opposite sex?

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

What is it about a man’s beard that women find so attractive? Or do women even care about whether or not their potential mate even has a beard. And if she does care, why aren’t more women chomping at the bit to ditch their beardless counterparts for a more Masculine full bearded man? Studies have suggested that beards and their length may provide insight into some women’s expectations about her commitment to that man. From the casual fling or one-night-stand – to the short uncommitted relationship – to the long-term committed relationship or life partner, women who date men with beards are telling you a story.

The Fling

Science has suggested that that women who date men with or without a beard is imbued a context of commitment that can directly affect a man’s love life. A study was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology entitled “The masculinity paradox: facial masculinity and beardedness interact to determine women’s ratings of men’s facial attractiveness” investigated 8,520 women on their attraction to men by looking at pictures of without beards, men with short stubble, men with long stubble and men with full beards then documenting their response. These women were divided into three groups. The first group rated the photographs of beardless to full bearded men for overall sexual attractiveness. The next group was asked to rate the same photographs of beardless to full bearded men on their desire for a short-term relationship or fling. The last group was asked to rate the same photographs on their desire for a long-term relationship denoting the potential for a committed relationship or marriage. The findings, based on expectations, were that as far as sexual attractiveness, men with long stubble were seen as the most attractive. Whereas men that were clean-shaven (no beard) and men with full beards were rated as the least attractive. However, women with the expectations of a fling or one-night-stand rated men with short stubble as the sexiest, followed by men with long stubble. However, women with the expectations of a committed relationship with the prospects of marriage viewed men with full beards the best candidates to be with. What about these finding provides insight into expectations of a woman and her choice for the opposite sex? I believe that a woman’s initial expectations for a casual fling or one-night-stand is that a man who is clean-shaven or has light stubble is perceived as care-free and non-committal. They denote a sense of lackadaisical or haphazard intentions about their future. Women may perceive them as living in the moment and may be hoping that these men will not seek contact after a brief period.

The Short Game

The study distinctively extrapolated that there is a quantitative delineation between flings, not-committed relationships, and long-term relationships. When women move past the physical and extremely temporary relationship, they are growing out of their need for physical stimuli and moving towards a more meaningful or tangible relationship. However, at this point in their lives they may be merely seeking a prospective commitment and not an actual one. The range of prospective commitment can vary based on their degree of necessity for physical characteristics versus’ emotional characteristics. Conversely, regardless of a woman level committal, eventually she will decide to need or expect a higher level of commitment and if the man is not ready or willing to meet that expectation she may seek a man more suited to her need or expectations.

The Long Haul

What makes women think that a man with a full beard is so profound? Is it because this signals to the opposite sex that he is patient, calculated, defined, and composed? Studies have shown that men with beards personify confidence and reliability to the opposite sex. This may be due to that fact that women feel that a man with a full beard might provide them with a sense of security. Additionally, it may be because a man with a full beard resonates an image of quality, standards, and commitment. Women who are seeking a committed mate seek a man that can provide them with sense of stability. They want to be able to know that the same man that will guard their home at night will also wipe the tears from their face and console them when they are sad. Another aspect could be that a full bearded man may provide a sense of dominance. This concept is not merely an overbearing objectification but rather a sense of responsibility or personal ownership. However, when she seeks this dominance, she is looking to be convinced that the only person he seeks to possess, is her. This sense of possession may help to reassure her that this full bearded man is seeking a home rather than a house. This is because a man who envisions a dwelling as a home rather than a house sees it as more than a structure he inhabits. He sees this house as a home not because he resides in it but because of the people who reside in it with him? Furthermore, a man with a full beard resonates an instinctual and calculated mentality. This mentality embodies a sense of moral condition, conviction, and quality. For example, a popular quote says that a wise man can be found alone where a weak man can be found among the crowd. This is due to the fact that he is seeking quality rather than quantity.

Her Desirable Man

A woman’s attraction to her counterpart is a direct reflection of her expectations on that person. Whether it is a casual fling, a uncommitted or committed relationship, a woman is going to make the best decision she can based off of her perceived impression or intentions of that man based on their appearance. Ultimately, in a world where a woman has to base her needs on first impressions, just like a job interview, your beard, or lack of beard, may be applying for her next conquest.
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