How To Straighten A Curly Beard

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Published at: Mar 08, 2024

Curly beards can be a statement look or they can be a nightmare to tame. Straightening your beard hair allows you to explore more beard styles and polish your look.

If you’re wondering how to straighten beard hair then you’ll be glad to know that there are many beard straightening solutions out there and some of them might just be a perfect match for you.

Some ways to straighten beard hair are easy to include in your daily beard care routine and others require technique or certain tools and products such as beard straighteners. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to straighten your beard at home and more.

Understanding Your Curly Beard

Let’s start by discussing what makes your beard curly to begin with. Everything has an origin story, and whether you choose to embrace the curliness or get rid of it, here’s what you need to know.

Genetic inheritance

This one applies to people with naturally curly beards. Curly hair is produced by hair follicles with odd shapes. Hair thickness is determined by the follicle’s size and hair curliness is determined by the follicle’s curve and asymmetry.

Even the chemical composition is different in curly hair. The shaft has an asymmetrical arrangement of molecules such as keratins and enzymes. This might also lead to a difference in hair texture.

Another factor that determines curliness is the angle of hair fibers. With curly hair, the fibers grow at an angle from the skin instead of growing perpendicular.

Lack of hydration

You know how every beard enthusiast likes to talk about grooming products? Well, there’s a good reason why you should make beard care a priority as well.

A dry beard behaves pretty much in the same way as the hair on your scalp. The tips of the hair shafts start to curl, and the beard ends up looking messy and unkempt. Luckily, you can prevent this with ease by using appropriate products such as beard oils and beard conditioners.


Keep it clean

Put your hands where I can see them and keep them off your beard! Dirt transfer from your hands is one of the usual suspects when it comes to hair becoming curly. Another thing you should keep in mind is not contaminating your beard with food and drinks.

Tips for a Less Curly Beard

Here are some things you can integrate in your daily care routine if you want to keep your curly beard looking healthy and less tangly, or if you have a naturally straight beard that tends to curl.


Having a clean beard is essential, no matter the size or curliness of your beard hair. Contaminants such as food, drinks, dirt and other pollution factors can have a negative effect on the way your beard looks and feels.

You should always clean your beard with dedicated products. Scalp hair and facial hair have different textures and require different products to maintain. Even though your shower gel is all purpose, we strongly recommend integrating a beard shampoo into your beard care routine.


A hydrated beard is a happy beard. Moisturizing is essential for keeping beard hairs from curling. Dry hair tends to curl, develops split ends, and turns brittle. Unlike the scalp, your face does not produce enough natural oils to keep hairs nice and soft.

You can moisturize your beard with:

As a tip, using a wet and hot towel, like they do at the barber, can boost the efficiency of hydrating products such as beard oils. The moisture and heat from the towel opens up the pores on your face and softens your beard hair. When you apply the beard oil, all that water is trapped inside, and your face and hair will look and feel refreshed.


Now, showering is essential for good hygiene but things are a bit different when it comes to facial hair. Even though you might shower every day, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use beard shampoo more than two to three times a week.

But showers are not the enemy because the best time to apply products such as beard oils, or brushing and taming your beard is after a shower.

Naturally Straighten a Curly Beard

Some people want to opt for a natural method for getting rid of beard curls. And that’s ok. Maybe you have sensitive skin and might not want to use chemicals such as beard relaxers, or you don’t want to invest in equipment like a flat straightening iron. Either way, there are plenty of natural solutions out there.

While it’s true that using chemicals or heat can give you faster results, these methods come with precautions and setbacks. Some require the help of a professional, or in the case of a flat straightening iron, too much heat can damage your hair.

If you have a beard, chances are you already own a beard comb or brush. And really, who doesn’t own a hair dryer? These are all the tools you’ll need. You’ll need a bit of practice and perseverance but it gets the job done.


Straighten a Beard with a Comb and Blow Dryer

Straightening your beard with a comb and a heated beard brush is one of the most accessible options out there. It’s easy to make it a part of your daily care routine, like picking an outfit and styling your hair.

There are a dizzying amount of different types of beard combs to choose from, but we’ll make this easier. First of all, keep in mind that materials such as plastic and metal can cause static and may turn your beard into a frizzy mess. It’s a safer bet to go with natural materials such as wood or animal horns.

The other important factor when choosing your beard comb is the space between comb teeth. If you have a long and thicker beard, make sure to choose a comb with wide spaced teeth.

Now for the technique itself. It’s important to follow a few pointers, such as keeping a low heat setting on your hair dryer and being gentle with the comb.

You want to start drying the beard after gently patting it with a dry towel. Use your comb to lift the hair upwards and outwards, directing them away from the skin, with the dryer pointed toward the base of the hair shafts. Once the beard is nearly dry, switch to a downward combing motion and point the dryer in the direction of hair growth.

After you finish, remember to hydrate your beard hair with beard oil and feel free to use styling products to make your look last throughout the day.

Straighten a Beard with a Brush and Blow Dryer

An alternative to the beard comb can be your beard brush. Brushes come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing a product that fits your needs mostly comes down to personal preference.

The size of a brush and the fit of the handle can be two criterias to keep in mind, but the most important one is definitely the bristles. You’ll find brushes with natural bristles made from boar hair, or synthetic ones made of materials like nylon.

Whatever type of brush you choose, make sure it’s of good quality and it won’t damage your hair. If you’re just looking to straighten your beard, you can even use a good quality round hairbrush. You can find those in a variety of sizes, with smaller ones you can adapt for facial hair.

The technique is similar to using a comb, with an initial drying by moving the hair up and away from your face, and effectively drying the beard at it’s base. You then switch to a downward motion by gliding the brush on the surface of your hair in the direction of hair growth. This will smooth off the surface and redirect the hair shafts in the required direction.

Be gentle with your brush, you don’t want to pull out any hairs. Also, don’t turn up the heat on your hair dryer, cooler is better even if it takes a bit longer to finish the job. End it all with your usual beard oil and preferred styling products.

Chemically Straightening

Using chemicals to straighten beard hair is especially helpful if you want a longer lasting effect. Some methods are not harmful for your hair and others should only be done by a trained professional. Either way, if you have naturally curly beard hair, this might be what you’ve been looking for.

Like all things, chemical straightening is not an end-all solution and it still requires a bit of maintenance. It generally affects only your existing hair fibers, which means that the new portion of hair growth will still be curly.

Using Beard Relaxer

A beard relaxer is a hair friendly product in the form of creams or shampoos. It provides deep moisturizing to the hair shafts by smoothing out the exterior layer of keratin. Beard relaxers are the types of chemical straightening products that you can use at home.

After applying the product, you have to straighten your beard with a flat iron or a heated beard brush. If you don’t already own one of these styling tools, be prepared to make an investment.

When using a beard relaxer cream, apply it on your beard and spread it evenly with a comb. Wait for it to work its moisturizing magic, usually about 30 minutes. Wash your beard with your beard shampoo, then gently pat dry with a towel. Dry it completely with a blow dryer, detangle the hairs with a comb, and end it all with a flat iron straightening session.

When using a beard relaxer in the form of a shampoo, the technique is similar. Replace your usual shampoo with the relaxer, spread it evenly, wait the allotted time, rinse, dry and straighten.

Other Chemical Products

Chemical products used for hair straightening can damage the hair if they are not used properly. Most of these products contain harsh chemicals and should only be applied by a trained professional. They can either damage your hair, or cause irritation of the skin, so you have that to keep in mind.


Beard Straightening Products

A faster alternative to the comb and blow dryer method would be to use heat straightening products. They are fast, efficient and perfect if you’re in a hurry.

Heated beard brushes and flat irons are similar to those used for scalp hair, but have been adapted and designed specifically for facial hair.

This beard straightening method is faster and a bit more effective than the comb and blow dryer, but it doesn’t last as long as a beard hair relaxer. Of course, whenever you’re putting a source of heat near your face, you have to be careful.

Heated Beard Brush

A brush and a straightener super combo, this tool is perfect for gently straightening your beard hair. It mostly works in the same way a flat iron would, with the added bonus of helping you detangle the hairs. In addition, this tool offers a better overall control of hair shaft direction.

There are lots of different types of heated beard brushes on the market. They differ in size and shape, temperature control, heating material, and bristle size and distance. Some of them can have added features such as a heated beard pick.

Dry your beard properly before using the heated beard brush. Never apply heat to wet or damp hair. It causes severe, often irreversible damage to the hair shaft. Adjust the heat setting to your preferred level, and remember to always use the lowest heat setting possible, and go up from there if you need it.

Comb the hair in a downward motion, and repeat the move until the hair is straight and smooth. Remember to use proper moisturizers for a smooth and healthy look.

Flat Iron

A flat iron is made out of two heated plates and hair is pressed between them until it is smoothed out and straightened. You’ll find many flat irons designed for scalp hair, but we recommend products that are specially designed to be used on your beard.

Beard flat irons are smaller and more maneuverable, and most come with lower heat setting choices, which is better for your sensitive facial hair.

Applying heat directly on the hair strand can cause local damage, especially when you use it often. To prevent this, you can use heat protection spray. Again, it goes without saying that you should choose a product that was specially designed for facial hair.

After drying and combing your beard, place small sections of hair between the two heated plates and slide the flat iron from root to tip without stopping. The move should be gentle and smooth, in the same way you would use a brush.

Flat irons offer an easy and fast way to straighten your beard, but keep in mind that results are not long term.


Maintenance Tips for a Straightened Beard

Once you’ve achieved that smooth straight beard, you’ll probably want to keep your beard straight. And it’s always easier to maintain a good thing than to start from scratch.

Most of these tips are probably already part of your grooming routine, and if they are not, it won’t be hard to integrate them into your daily life.

Use Beard Balm

One of the factors which causes curliness is dryness. To keep your beard straight, you have to keep it hydrated. One of the best ways you can do this is by applying beard balm.

It is similar in action to a beard oil, but it has a denser consistency, so it has a slower absorption rate. Beard balm keeps your skin and hair hydrated by covering it in a thin film which prevents moisture loss.

You apply the beard balm in the same way you would a beard oil. Strat from the root of your hair and apply evenly toward the tips of the hair shafts.

If your beard feels too soft, you can always add texture with beard styling products. A cool trick is using sea salt spray which gives you some volume, a textured look, and lightly keeps the beard hairs in place.

Brush Your Beard Daily

Bad hair days apply to your beard as well. You want to keep your beard hair in check by brushing it daily. For a healthy looking beard as well as maintaining your straight beard, you might want to brush your beard one or twice a day.

Using an appropriate comb, start brushing from the neckline by angling the comb upward and outward. This motion will help you detangle the hair and make sure that all the fibers are arranged in a similar direction.

To finish off, brush your beard on the surface, angling your comb downwards and moving it in the direction of hair growth.

You should brush your beard when applying beard oil or beard balm as part of your grooming routine. Always remember to pick the right comb and avoid tugging your hair. It can damage the fibers and even break off your hair.

Don't Wash Too Often

Having a clean beard prevents curliness and helps maintain your beard straight. With that in mind, you should know that excess is never a good thing.

You should wash your beard with a beard shampoo. These products have a mild formula created for facial hair and will help keep your beard looking healthy.

Wash your beard with water and then apply a sufficient amount of beard shampoo. Massage and distribute the product evenly throughout your beard from root to tip, then rinse it with plenty of water.

After cleaning, you can use a conditioner or beard mask for a boost of hydration. Once finished, dry your beard, comb out the tangles and apply beard oil.

Cleaning products should be used 2 to 3 times a week. If you wash your beard too often, the hair strands become dry and start to curl.


Beard Straightening FAQs

Are all beards curly?

The short answer is not really. Beard curliness is determined by the shape of your hair follicle, which is something you’re born with. Some people will have naturally straight beard hairs, but they might experience curling due to dryness or improper grooming habits.

Should You Straighten Your Beard?

Only if you want to. Having curly beard hair can sometimes play to your advantage. There are many beard styles suited for curly beard hair. Sometimes a curly beard can even seem fuller than it actually is.

If what you want is a sleek, straight beard look, there are also many ways to achieve this.

Why is my beard hair frizzy?

Frizzy beard hair is caused by a lack of proper local hydration. When hair fibers are dry, they start to curl and get that crazy unkempt look.

Sometimes, your beard hair can get frizzy because you’re using the wrong comb or brush. Materials such as plastic or metal can cause static, which will make your beard hair frizzy.

Do beard straighteners really work?

Yes, you can straighten your curly beard with the use of a beard straightener. Results vary greatly on the method you use and your commitment to your daily care routine.

Are Beard Straighteners Bad for Your Hair?

Using a beard straightener is not inherently bad for your hair. Whilst this is true, you might damage your hair if you don’t follow instructions or if you don’t have a good beard care routine.

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