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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello and good day to you all as we welcome you back to today's TBS beard blog.

The internet is a pleasantly handy little gizmo in the right hands, jam-packed full of useful beard care guides, (funny cat videos) tips tricks, and (more funny cat videos!) everything in between that you might need to help fix that marvelous hairy man mane of yours.

But would you know how to correctly line and trim your neck and cheek lines if needed? Some may struggle without any kind of guide to follow, me included sometimes.

Well our TBS brand Viking 'Munson Mischief' has got your back in this handy compact YouTube tutorial video upload, where he talks you through the 'do's and donts' when it comes to setting a low neckline and fullness of your marvelous beard.

Of course, these things take a little time and practice, so go lightly when it comes to trying this out for the first time, and watch the video above closely beforehand.

Munson talks you through the entire process, from how to correctly line your cheeks, to where to level your neckline to provide a fuller appearing growing, healthy beard.

The video shares close details where your neckline should begin dependent on your beard style, and the correct procedure to line your cheeks without pulling any mistakes.

Of course, if you are at all doubtful on trying this in the comfort of your own home you can always leave it to the professionals and visit your local beard barber who has the most experience when it comes to grooming facial hair.

But with plenty of practice, you'll soon have your beard grooming routine on point and a cracking beard to display for your efforts, so watch the video above and take notes.

If you should have any comments, questions or queries please as away in the comments section provided below.

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And until next time, beard on Brothers...

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