8 Best Beard Styles to Protect You From Harsh Frosty Winters

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: May 24, 2023

The right beard style can totally change the way men look. Your beard can make your features look sharper or frame your face to enhance your best features. But your facial hair holds another hidden functionality you might not even be aware of.

Your beard acts like a barrier between your face and the outside world. This makes it a great shield and face warmer to protect you during the harsh winter months. You can have a fantastic beard style that’s both flattering and functional. Read on to check out our favourite winter beard styles and how to properly care for them.

Top 8 Winter Beard Styles That You Need to Try

1. The Lumberjack Beard

0V1A1204 Nothing embodies manliness like the Lumberjack beard. The glorious full beard paired with a long moustache is a winter staple. You can probably already imagine the satisfying process of chopping up wood and feeding a fire to keep you warm on these frosty winter days.

The lumberjack beard can be a whole ‘look’ if you pair it up with some plaid and the right attitude.

2. The Hipster Beard Style

The Hipster beard We love this classy beard style and we want everybody to know it. You can try the Hipster beard if you’re going for a look with a bit more personality.

This facial hairstyle should always look well put together and might require a bit more styling. If you’re prepared to put in the work, then this might just be the right fit for you.

3. The Viking Beard Style

Viking Style beard This facial hairstyle will help you embrace your inner warrior. The beauty of the Viking beard lies in its versatility. You can wear your beard at any length you’re comfortable with, just make sure to keep it healthy and well-groomed.

The Vikings of old took great pride in their facial hair and so should you.

4. The Mutton Chops Beard

Muton chops We can agree that this isn’t a beard style that fits every man. But you’ll definitely achieve legendary beard status if you pick the Mutton Chops beard as your winter look. This beard style is meant to hug the sides of your face, and it enables you to show your sideburns some love.

And the best part is that, unlike a style that features a fade, this iconic look will keep your cheeks warm and help you turn faces. Sure, maintaining this style requires regular trimming and shaving, but it’s well worth the effort.

5. The Verdi Beard Style

Verdi This iconic beard style will bring a smile to your face every time you look at yourself in the mirror. The Verdi beard is a classical look that will give you a very mature and sophisticated vibe.

Although it takes a bit more work to keep it perfectly shaped and styled, the results are satisfying and totally worth your time and effort. We recommend you visit a barber to tailor this beard style to your face shape and give you some personalized maintenance and grooming tips.

6. The Garibaldi Beard

Long Giribaldi Named after an Italian general no one remembers, this old-school cool beard is really something that turns heads, so it’s worth your time and attention. The Garibaldi beard is famous for its rounded off edges, and you can rock this look with a longer or shorter beard length.

Choose an epic mustache style to pair it with and you’re good to go. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably need to do a fair bit of maintenance trimming in order to keep all the angles razor-sharp and maintain the iconic rounded edge.

7. The Ducktail Beard Style

ambassador-photo-espen Although you wouldn’t necessarily associate the word ‘ducktail’ with manliness and style, the Ducktail beard is one of the hottest facial hair styles of the moment. It’s an accessible look that you can maintain without spending half your morning whipping your beard into shape.

The Ducktail beard’s iconic tapered shape will help sculpt your jawline and elongate your face for a more manly appearance. All in all, this is a great choice for your winter beard style.

8. The Classic Full Beard

Classic full beard Embrace the full beard look and make this facial hair style your own. Grow out your beard or keep it trimmed closer to your face. You can also opt for a more natural, burly look or go with the stylish and perfectly trimmed alternative.

There are endless variations and we guarantee that you’ll have fun exploring to find the perfect fit for your facial features. This is one of our favourite beard styles because it leaves room for creativity and it allows you to showcase your personality.

How to Maintain & Style Your Winter Beard

1. Keep It Clean

washing beard

A clean beard is a happy beard. Although you’re not sweating so much when it’s cold outside, your beard will still act like a magnet for food and drink particles, dust, and other contaminants. All this debris can damage your hair and make it dry out even faster, and can ultimately affect your beard hair’s growth.

Make sure that you’re giving your facial hair a proper wash, starting from the bottom of your neck, over your Adam’s apple, and going upwards toward the chin, ultimately stopping at the cheekbones.

Use a dedicated beard shampoo that’s gentle on your facial hair. This will help prevent hair fibre damage and help protect the skin. As a bonus, clean hair will be more efficient at absorbing the valuable nutrients in your beard care products, so your hair fibres will have a better texture and your beard will gain more volume.

2. Use a Beard Conditioner

Conditioners are extremely useful during the colder months of the year. A good beard conditioner can help improve the way your beard looks and feels to the touch. It can smooth out the hair fibres and give your beard a shiny, healthier look.

Besides the visual improvement, a beard conditioner will also protect your beard by creating a fortifying layer over your hair fibres while smoothing over the hair’s natural keratin layers. This will help prevent moisture loss which is the main cause of hair damage during the winter. And as an added bonus, the conditioner will also prevent your beard curls from looking unkempt, so your beard will look fuller.

3. Keep Your Beard Hydrated

Beard oil

Make good use of your favourite beard oil. The natural ingredients in your beard care products will help your hair fibres maintain a healthy moisture level. If your beard and face are properly hydrated, you won’t have to worry about the itchiness, irritation and beard dandruff that we tend to associate with winter beards.

If you’re keeping up with your usual beard care routine but you still feel like your face and beard are drying up, you can switch to a more dense and rich beard oil. You can actually use your evening care beard oil during the day, or simply reapply your regular beard oil to keep your facial hair properly moisturized.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to sport a long beard to benefit from regular beard oil use. We recommend oils to all bearded men, including guys who wear short stubble. And if you and your beard are facing particularly harsh conditions, we recommend you use a high-quality beard wax to add an extra layer of protection.

4. Give Your Beard a Hydrating Boost 

Viking Sea 1

Don’t be afraid to explore the world of beard care products. You can use a beard mask to give your beard a moment of pampering and care. You can check out our Viking Sea mineral mask made with Dead Sea mud and rich oils to provide your beard with the minerals and nutrients it needs to regenerate after a harsh winter day.

5. Use a Beard Balm to Style Your Beard


Beard balm should become your go-to styling product during the colder months of the year. We love this product because it contains beeswax which helps with styling. But the great thing is that it also contains nourishing plant-based butter that helps moisturize your facial hair.

This medium-hold styling product can help protect your facial hair and keep your beard looking stylish. It provides the finishing touch that helps you create and maintain your winter beard style—simply a must-have in any beard care arsenal.

Conquer Winter With A Cool Beard Style 

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