What is a Beard Conditioner and What Does It Do To Your Facial Hair?

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: May 22, 2023

We’ve all had bad beard days. Working in a tough environment, exposure to cold or hot air or extreme variations in humidity can be a tough challenge for your facial hair. Moisture loss can make your beard look dull and unkempt. You can fight back against dryness by using a good beard conditioner.

What does beard conditioner do? Is it even worth including it in your beard care regimen if you’re already using beard oil or a beard balm? We’ve got all these answers and more. Read on to detangle the mysteries of beard conditioners.

What Is a Beard Conditioner?

While there are other products like beard oil or beard balm with conditioning properties, a dedicated beard conditioner is a rinse-off product that you can use straight after your beard shampoo.

Beard conditioner works in a similar way to scalp hair conditioner. It coats your hair fibres to help improve the texture and feel of the external keratin layers. It also reduces the friction between individual hair strands which helps protect against damage and makes your daily brushing a more enjoyable experience.

Why Should You Use a Beard Conditioner?

Helps Soften Rigid and Wiry Beards

Dry hair fibres are a nightmare to work with. And it’s even worse for those of us with thick and wiry beard hairs. A beard conditioner can help soften the outer layer of your hair. This helps improve hair texture, making your beard easier to tame.

Conditioners are also formulated to cling to your hair and make it less static. This will help prevent frizziness and make your beard easier to style.

Keeps Your Skin And Facial Hairs Moisturized

A good leave-in beard conditioner can help your hair stay hydrated. It uses humectants and other nourishing ingredients to keep your hair healthy and moisturized, which means that it protects you from beard dandruff and promotes beard growth.

A good conditioner should contain various combinations of fatty acids and amino acids that help improve hair fibre strength and texture while also taking care of the skin underneath. Keep in mind that a moisturized beard will also be less likely to curl and easier to straighten.

Won't Strip Your Beard's Natural Oils

Beard shampoo is designed to strip away debris like dust, food and drink particles, styling products, and dead skin cells. But no matter how gentle, the same cleaning ingredients in your beard wash can dry out your hair and the skin beneath it. This is why you need a regular beard conditioner.

You can use a good quality conditioner that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients. It can help protect the natural oils coating your skin and hair. And it can also help keep your hair follicles healthy by delivering numerous vitamins, nutrients and nourishing oils.

Protects Your Skin From Itchiness and Irritation

One of the main issues with growing a beard is the constant battle to prevent itchiness and the dreaded beardruff. Using a beard conditioner can help keep your skin nourished and hydrated. This in turn will help reduce the itchiness and irritation associated with dry skin and flaky skin.

The hydration boost is extra helpful for those of us with sensitive skin because we tend to lose moisture even faster, which can lead to more irritation and a sensation of tightness.

Helps Detangle Your Curly Beard

Your daily beard care routine should include using a beard comb or beard brush to help detangle your hair. Daily brushing can also help stimulate local blood circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells.

One advantage of using a beard conditioner is its ability to help detangle your coarse facial hair. This will help make brushing a painless process. It will also reduce the chance of damaging your hair follicles by pulling on the roots of your hair.

Ingredients You Check Before Buying a Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioners incorporate a few categories of ingredients with a very clear purpose. We’ve listed some great examples of ingredients you should be looking out for.

  • Moisturizing agents like occlusives and humectants help attract moisture and lock it in your skin and hair fibres. Some great examples are glycerin, dimethicone, ceramides, licorice extracts and vitamins like panthenol.
  • Emollients that replenish lipids and soften your hair fibres. Some good ingredients are mineral oils like petrolatum, fatty alcohols, natural oils and butter like coconut oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil or mango oil.
  • Proteins and amino acids can improve hair quality by coating its surface and forming a protective film. They can make your beard shinier and reduce the friction between hair fibres. Conditioners can include proteins extracted from keratin, wheat, rice, jojoba, sweet almond and silk. 

How to Use Beard Conditioner And How Often?

Adding a beard conditioner to your beard care routine sounds fussy, but in reality, using it is extremely easy. In fact, if you’ve ever used a scalp hair conditioner then you’re all set. Just follow these 4 easy steps.

  • Use your favourite beard wash to give your whiskers a proper cleaning, then rinse it off completely.
  • Dispense a small amount of conditioner into your palm and apply it evenly through your beard, making sure to coat the tips of your hair fibres. You can always add more products to ensure you’re getting full coverage.
  • Letting your conditioner sit for a couple of minutes will allow certain ingredients like vitamins and proteins to be absorbed into your hair.
  • Rinse your beard with plenty of water. 

 How Often Should You Use It

You can use a beard conditioner every time you wash your beard. As to how often, it really depends on your particular needs. You can wash and condition your beard 2 or 3 times a week, but if you work in an environment with a lot of dust or other debris, you will probably need to wash it every day. Incorporating beard oils into your daily routine might help you use conditioners less often.

What’s The Difference Between Beard Conditioner and Beard Butter?

The main difference between beard conditioner and beard butter is that a beard conditioner is a rinse-off product with a water-soluble list of ingredients. These compounds are rapidly absorbed inside the hair fibres and skin or simply stick to the surface of your hair. Although beard butter is a moisturizing product with conditioning properties, it contains a lot more oils. And because it contains wax, it can also be used as a styling agent.

Why Use The Radiance Beard Conditioner

The Radiance beard conditioner is a great quality product with a perfectly balanced list of ingredients and it’s suitable for all beard hair types. It is formulated using science-backed ingredients to provide your beard with the best care possible.

TBS beard conditioner contains ingredients like apricot kernel oil, which is rich in fatty acids and has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, as well as other active components like tocopherols and carotenoids. It also includes silk amino acids which have a lower molecular weight and are very easily absorbed to provide a deeper hair treatment.

Other ingredients like dimethicone have moisturizing properties and can also act as a protective shield against thermal damage and abrasive actions. Glycerin is also used as a hair and skin conditioning ingredient with humectant and skin-protectant properties.

The radiance beard conditioner can help you achieve a smooth and silky beard, that’s easy to comb and style. Your whiskers will be softer, and healthier, making frizziness and beardruff a distant memory. You can also have a fun time discovering your favourite scent by exploring our luxurious cologne-grade fragrances.

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