Marauder’s Defense - 100% Natural Deodorant

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Apr 13, 2023

Here at The Beard Struggle, we don’t do things half-assed, so as we ‘stand’ before you today, prepared to pull back the curtain… To lay it down. To roll it on… To get down to basics. We’re showcasing 100% natural ingredients.

Warning! We’re about to show a full frontal of Marauder’s Defense!

This deodorant is about as natural as it comes, offering full odour protection.

  • Features Silver, Gold and Platinum Collection Scents (8)
  • Full of natural ingredients like Arrowroot Powder and Charcoal Powder to help fight body odour and keep you feeling fresh less the t-shirt stains
  • No harsh chemicals. Aluminum-free. Paraben free.

The more you battle, conquer or soar, the more Marauder’s Defense Deodorant protects you from odour and sweat.

Marauder’s Defense Deodorant protects you to the end! TBS3556 4 (1)

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