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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

We all strive to proudly sport the perfect beard. From beard oils, balms and washes, to combing through the big bushy furry face, we go above and beyond when it comes to beard maintenance.

But there are a few things many of us are guilty of doing all in goodwill, that might prove rather harmful towards or beloved face forests rather than good, and today I wanted to discuss them with you in finer detail, and help eliminate such habits forever more...


I've noted the many reasons for never choosing your usual 'over the counter' shampoos and conditioners within your beard in several beard blog posts in the past, and the reason I do so is simply because it can have detrimental results to your beards health and wellbeing.

When using your standard shampoo you could run a much higher risk of damaging your facial hair. But how and why does this happen? It's rather simple, these products were not designed to use within your facial hair, but rather the hair on the top of your head, so contain a totally different balance of ingredients.

Choosing to ignore such warnings might cause added drying out of your beard, and worse still, will leave your beard to feel brittle to the touch by stripping away the naturally formed oil and moisture from each hair follicle in the process.

But what does that mean? In short, that means your beard will become weaker, and you might trigger further troubles such as hairs may begin to snap and break away from the face much easier. Your beard may also look thinner and almost transparent on comparison to how it should be, a thicker, fuller, healthier beard.

So, how do I fix such a problem? Simple! Only opt in to use beard washes and conditioners! As these range of products have been created with your beard in mind, and instead of causing unintentional harm, it will support your beard which in turn will help further promote your growth and standing.

So, not only will your beard benefit from using the right product, you'll also quickly feel the difference. Your beard will also thank you in the form of looking like a million dollars sat upon your face.


This topic is highly debatable and usually forms the most questions from you, our readers. But choosing to use hair dryers and hair straighteners upon our furry faces is a huge no in my honest opinion. Why? I feel you eagerly ask.

My reasons for choosing NOT to use such contraptions are fair yet highly debatable. But these devices again, were not created with your facial hair in mind. Choosing to blast large waves of heat in the form of a hair dryer, or worse still hot ceramic plates off of a straightener can't be doing your face fuzz any favours whatsoever.

As awesome as beards are, they don't handle heat all that well. You've probably noticed in the hotter months you might need to apply a little more beard oil than usual. So, when your blasting away in a desperate attempt to tame that face frizz, you may actually be causing much more harm than good on the bigger scale of things.

Yes, you might get the short term results you are hoping for, but following such bad habits long term will see higher numbers of split ends forming in your beard. You might even notice higher levels of beard dandruff (beard-druff) as the skin hidden below the fluff will also suffer from the high heat, causing dryer spots to begin to form.

Whilst I know many of our readers already follow such practices and report back with little to no initial concerns, chances are further down the line is where your troubles might begin. Again, just my tried and tested opinions that I am sharing with you guys. So do as you see fit, Brother.


Okay, hands up, who fondles that beard on the daily? (Me!) Keep those hands up if you are a serial repeat plucker? (Still me!) Just as I thought, not just me then. Ask any beardsmen and he will confirm his beard has become his thinking tool. His stress reliever. His 'go to' place when it comes to idle hands.

I have a jolly good feel of my ginger face fuzz numerous times throughout each and every day, which on it's own is rather harmless. But when we feel out any coarse or knotted hairs it takes us all of our might not to instantly pluck that bad boy out and inspect the findings.

And that is where the trouble begins, long term plucking will inevitably lead to thinning of the beard. Let's think about it, for example you own a large grazing field beneath the summer sun that grows the finest tasty juicy oranges in all the land.

Every day you can't help but pull a few from the trees to snack upon. Yes, oranges grow back when given the time and care to do so. But if you're pulling them faster than they can grow, it's going to look rather fruitless in next to no time.

Same thing applies for your beard. if you continously pluck away at the coarser hairs you find faster then they can grow, it will soon become more noticeable that your beard is thinning.

My advice? STOP. I know this is easier said than done, as even I have my moments of weakness every now and again, where I'm not fully engaged that I am even doing it. If you notice you are pulling away at your beard more than usual, try and keep those hands busy, Brother.


The logic of growing a beard always starts with a simple idea. I want to grow the biggest beard possible. So, how do I achieve this? Simple. DON'T SHAVE. Actually, it isn't as straightforward as that. As there is much more that goes into growing out and maintaining a healthy, long, ever flowing beard that even 'Yo Momma' would be proud of.

If you have a beard you'll know exactly how much time you spend looking after it, No corners should be cut (no pun intended) when it comes to beard grooming. You should always trust a premium quality beard oil and/or balm to use within your beard, and then there's the trimming. Yep, you read correct. Trimming your beard.

Even if you're wanting to let your beard grow out as big and busy as humanly possible you're still going to have to visit the beard barber to trim out those split ends every now and again. If not, you'll notice the overall quality of your beard begin to slip.

As those nasty split ends only get a whole lot more ugly in left unattended, as they will not get much longer, only whole lot wilder. So, don't forget to trim either at home if you believe you are competent enough to try doing so, or at a trusted beard barbers. Trust me, it'll further help keep any nasties away ready for another day.

So, there goes another beard blog for today my furry faced friends and beardy admirers, as always we would love to read your thoughts and opinions in the comments section you'll find provided below this very post, so why not leave us a little something?

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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