The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

If your beard is anything like mine you'll have probably woken up many of mornings looking like a extra from The Lion King, (No, not the warthog!) with your beard-mane as wild as can possibly be with little to nothing you try ever possibly working to help tame down your facial forest that day. Truth is, every bearded fellow at some point or another would have met certain challenges with an unruly beard. One morning you wake with your beard looking as dapper as can be, then the next day it looks like total roadkill. I often question what on earth can make ones beard appear so unruly just by taking a nights sleep. Well, thankfully there are a few easy to follow pointers that will help gain back control against any unruly wild beard, so let us begin...


The first step to containing order with a wild bushy beard is too try and comb through any troublesome areas with a good quality comb or brush. Which you use is dependant upon which you prefer, although I tend to use a wide toothed comb, much like the ones we sell on our online store. In the shower I opt in for a plastic wide toothed comb as these are much easier to clean when I've finished in the shower. I know if you are here reading this you've probably already tried this step numerous times with little to no luck. But when you use a comb (and a little oil or balm, but weal get to this next!) you're essentially training your beard to grow in the shape and direction you wish for it to grow. So, although in the earlier stages this might feel like a fruitless exercise, it is indeed a very beneficial part of shaping your beard and moustache.


It seems that pretty much every beard blog post I create I am forever stressing the importance of using a high quality beard oil or/and balm. And the reason for this is because quite simply they are absolute key to your beards overall wellbeing and play a huge part in its success. Keeping your beard moist and stopping any troublesome dry spots from forming, our 'TBS' oils and balms are specially crafted to tick every box needed to grow out and maintain a strong healthy beard. If you don't use any product, yet have a unruly beard you're pretty much giving your facial gruff the green light to grow as wild as it pretty much pleases. Treat your beard as you would the hair upon your head. Or if like you're fortunate enough to have a good lady in your life ask them the importance of looking after their hair, well your beard should be no different. If you allow your beard to dry out over time it'll soon become brittle and very coarse to the touch, inevidently this will lead to further problems within your beard, such as damaged broken hair follicles, split ends and the dreaded 'beard-druff'. None of which you'd be all too welcoming of, I'm sure. To tame down an unruly beard (Much like mine!) I'd personally recommend trying out a beard balm tonic (Just like ours!) as I find balms tend to give a much better hold on your facial forest, allowing you further control when it comes to keeping your beard in shape.


This is the suggestion that usually scares away my readers, as whenever I mention a trim many of you begin to panic (including myself! I hate trimming just as much as the next beardo!) But sometimes these matters need a professional touch, and if its your beards sideburns or length are beginning to run a wild it might be worth paying a good beard barber a visit to help resume a little order to these tougher to manage areas. Now, you can of course opt in for a 'do it yourself' style trim within the comfort of your own home. But if you'd like my honest advice I'd always recommend a professional barber over doing it myself any day. After all, going it alone heightens the chances of making a mistake, and once a mistake has been made it's not as quick to rectify as it was to cause. When you pay a few notes to a beard barber you are almost always guaranteed better results which lightens the stress if nothing more. And let's be honest, there's no better feeling than leaving the barber shop feeling the a true king knowing your beard is in fine form ready to face the world that is ahead.

I would like to thank our blog reader, Scott who suggested today's topic of choice. As always if you have any ideas for future blog post topics then we would love to hear them! So leave us your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section kindly provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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