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Restore Bar

4.6 Average rating



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UNSCENTED CONDITIONER BAR - Beard + Hair Conditioner

Get ready to experience the amazingness of The Beard Struggle's Restore Bar Beard + Hair Conditioner! It's like a magical potion for your beard and hair, making them super soft and awesome. With its special natural ingredients, this unscented bar is perfect for guys who want to look cool and feel confident. Get your hands on this incredible conditioner and get ready to rock your style like never before!

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7 Reviews

4.6 Average rating

Dean Sprouse

"Only used occasionally ..."

Only used occasionally

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US review country flagUnited States

Jan 29, 2024

Nikki Tillquist

"Conditioner is the most i..."

Conditioner is the most important product to restore your damaged hair and beard. This have saved me alot of time and research to find the ulitmate conditioner for my hair.. Unique and overall amazing product and the results I get from it.

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US review country flagUnited States

Nov 29, 2023

Richard Mauro

"Awesome product..."

Awesome product

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US review country flagUnited States

Oct 30, 2023


"Ive had better but had wo..."

Ive had better but had worse. Not much to say

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US review country flagUnited States

Jul 29, 2023


"Great Conditioner"

Love it, prefer using bars as there is no plastic packaging waste

GB review country flagUnited Kingdom

Dec 29, 2023